Rolex Swiss watches to distinguish true and false

Imitation Rolex brand is all the more common counterfeit Swiss watches, in addition to Rolex watches more valuable and well-known reasons, there is not easy to open the back cover of its watch Rolex 16233 rolex watch rolex 16233 offer Imitation Rolex brand is all the more common counterfeit replica watches, in addition to Rolex watch more expensive and well-known reasons, there is not easy to open the back cover of its watch, if there is no special special open table child tools, you are Do not see the movement. But if you are a layman, even if you can see the watch movement, you do not know. Model rolex 16233 watches

In fact, some of the Swiss watches, the appearance of the logo and number are very particular about, but also do a lot of security measures. For example, there are five rolex 16233 number, they are: (1) case model, (2) watch production serial number, (3) movement number, (4) movement production serial number, (5) strap number. In addition to the strap number in the strap discount surface, the rest are hidden, have to remove the strap or open the back cover to see. Look at the true and false watches, it is necessary to see the most hidden parts of the most inappropriate eye, false rolex 16233 table purpose is to grab illegal huge profits, therefore, it will never in the details and materials work hard, for Rolex watches is same. Rolex 16233 series watches (1) In order to ensure the waterproof performance of the replica watches uk, all the Rolex watches are outside the tube with a buckle, but also inside the screw buckle! In other words, and ordinary watches, Rolex watches, Tube (handle head tube), not by the traditional interference fit riveting into the case, but with a screw into the case on the screw. In order to be able to screw it tightly into the case, there are teeth on the inner wall of the shank tube, a special tool sets in the teeth, to screw into. When we completely pull out the table, with a magnifying glass through the gap between the watch and the case to observe, you can clearly see the inner wall of the handle tube (see picture), leave the table is not.

(2) The most popular Rolex watch Metal strap, Oyster (head type) and the 50th anniversary of the type. For the most common Rolex 16233 such Rolex watches, the middle 18K gold strap of each section of the process are very special, from its cross-section point of view, relatively thick at the bend, that is, its thickness and Not uniform. This process can not do a false form, therefore, all of this type of false rolex replica , each section of the K gold strap section ring thickness is the same. (See picture) need to look at the strap folded into a 90-degree angle, so that the band parts of the horn part of the ring exposed to Caixing. In fact, the rolex watch rolex 16233 has long been in the security do a lot of technical means, that is, no one to carefully observe. As long as the production of Rolex in recent years, in the bottom of the edge of the 6 o'clock position, there will be a very small Rolex watch which crown LOGO icon, you need to look carefully with a magnifying glass to see, False rolex 16233 table does not have this icon (but super A high imitation of this sign is still there).