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Monday 26th June


Photocall at Long Eaton Town Hall Floral Display


with Mayor Mary Hopkinson

The Club gathered at Long Eaton Town Hall to thank the Borough of Erewash and the current Mayor, Councillor Mary Hopkinson, for the magnificent floral display at the Town Hall commemmorating 90 years of Rotary service in Long Eaton.

Floral call.jpg (326057 bytes)
Pictured: President John, Mayor Mary Hopkinson and her Consort Peter, with 21 members of our Club

Floral Display ss.jpg (62282 bytes) Floral Plaque.jpg (177994 bytes)



Monday 26th June


Pete Wearn


Toton Sidings Exhibition at Erewash Museum

Erewash Museum in Ilkeston, working in partnership with the Long Eaton and District 50+ Forum have created a fascinating Exhibition - Toton Sidings Remembered.

The Forum was awarded £9,600 from the Lottery Heritage Fund to work with the museum and local schools for 18 months to revive memories of this amazing local heritage, once the largest railway marshalling yard in Europe. It handled a staggering 2 million wagons a year, 3000 a day, allocating the wagons to 100 separate sidings.

The project management group includes our own member, Pete Wearn and also David Farley from the Forum. Local railway enthusiasts Brian Amos and Phil Burton, together with Helen Martinez and Debbi Mills from Erewash Museum comprise the entire team.

An exhibition of the Forum’s project will be on display at the museum from 26 May to 15 July 2017 and school workshops will be held until April 2018.

Pete and his team at Long Eaton 50+ would love to hear from any local residents who have photos or other memorabilia they would lend for the exhibition – email petewearn@hotmail.com. Soon to be President Nigel Kirk gave Pete the Club's Vote of Thanks for telling us all about this 'must see' exhibition.

Toton.jpg (125353 bytes)
Pictured: President John, Pete Wearn and Vice President Nigel



Friday 23rd June


Kids Out day trip for Brackenfield School


Rosliston Forestry Centre

Rotarians Cas Francis, Ian Gooding and Barbara James from the Rotary Club of Long Eaton took year 10 and 11 students from Brackenfield School in Long Eaton for a 'Kids Day Out' to Rosliston Forestry Centre. During the day they all took part in Archery, Laser Combat and Falconry. We all had a fantastic day, it was wonderful to hear one of the students say how excited he was at the thought of seeing an owl close up and how he hoped to be able to stroke or hold one of the owls. We received the email below from Lisa Williams, one of the teachers at Brackenfield:

Rosliston 7.jpg (25765 bytes)

Rosliston 3.jpg (35858 bytes)

Rosliston 6.jpg (28325 bytes)


Rosliston 1.jpg (151840 bytes)

Rosliston 4.jpg (36507 bytes)


Laser Games

Rosliston 2.jpg (159725 bytes)

Rosliston 8.jpg (158637 bytes)

Laser Games

Laser Games

Rosliston 9.jpg (36907 bytes)

Rosliston 10.jpg (71456 bytes)

Hi All,
A great big thank you for today!?
We have had an exceptional, fun day out at Rosliston forestry centre today. All the children couldn't praise the activities, staff or the day any more. The minibus ride home was full of chatter about all the things we had done. There was something for everyone to enjoy and inclusive to all. Each child had a different favourite activity and all have wonderful memories of the day. It was also a pleasure for all the staff, who said it was the best school trip they have ever been on.
Rosliston staff were amazing, especially Alex who was a great leader for the day.

Rosliston 5.jpg (188660 bytes)

Special thanks to Cas, Barbara and Ian for organising and participating in this special event and supporting Brackenfield School year 11's end of year celebrations. You make some young people very happy and as staff who see them at their worst, it's so rewarding for us to see them at their best. Some of our children have very complex needs both in their learning and their backgrounds so to see them enjoying themselves today without a care in the world is priceless.
I cannot thank you enough for all the support and care you give us as a school.
Hope to see you all again soon
Lisa Williams and all of Brackenfield staff and pupils



Tuesday 20th June


Community and Vocational Services committee dinner


White House, Sawley

The Community and Vocational Services committee enjoyed an excellent evening at the White House, Sawley.

CVS Dinner.jpg (45663 bytes)



Saturday 17th June


Long Eaton Carnival


Stroke Awareness Day

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton took part in both the carnival and the parade with their 'Know Your Blood Pressure' Testing Station.

Rotarians, Clive Atkins, Dr John Bowley and Russell Thomas were joined by staff from the local Chemist. Two people who took part in blood pressure testing were advised to see their GP.

For the parade the sun was shining and this certainly brought out the crowds of Long Eaton! The streets were lined with happy carnival goers enjoying the various sounds of different music as the floats carried on their circular tour of Long Eaton back to West Park for the carnival. Rotarian Cas Francis drove The Rotary Car Float.

Carnival 2.jpg (133697 bytes) Carnival 1.jpg (172706 bytes)



Monday 5th June


President John Bowley


Tea with the Queen

The members of the Long Eaton Club were entertained by President John Bowley who told us of his visit to a recent Royal Garden Party, with his wife Alison.

Every year the Queen holds garden parties at Buckingham Palace for a wide spectrum of guests who have given help in the community or to charity. It is invitation only and strict vetting is carried out by the Lord Chamberlain's Office.

Over 5000 guests were present and all served tea and razor-thin cucumber sandwiches from 3 marquees in the 40 acres of royal garden. President John then described how the Royal Party pass through the throng of guests, greeting selected guests from all walks of life, John and his wife Ali were not presented to the Royal Family but thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.

He thanked Club member Phil Giles who as a Deputy Lieutenant of Derbyshire had put forward their names for the occasion.

QTea ss.jpg (42680 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Wing Commander Phil Giles OBE DL and President John Bowley



Wednesday 24th May


15th Annual Golf Day


Erewash Valley Golf Club

We were again very fortunate with glorious weather for our 15th annual Golf Day. Thirty teams took part at Erewash Valley Golf Club, on a course in beautiful condition.

The event's main sponsor was Tyre UK, the tyre wholesaler, whilst each hole and many other activities were sponsored by thirty two generous donors. All profits will go into our Charity Trust Fund, for distribution later in the year. The evening raffle generated over £1,000 and everyone enjoyed the evening dinner, put on at the clubhouse.

The top three teams all scored 89 points, but on the countback, the team representing Long Eaton Glass Ltd. were winners, with First Grade of Sandiacre second and 158 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps B team third. How close - well done to all.

Congratulations to Colin Edson and his team for organising the event.

GDSVPss.jpg (66549 bytes)
SVP Nigel Kirk tees off to start the day

GD1LEGss.jpg (66429 bytes)
Winners: Long Eaton Glass

GD2FGss.jpg (65509 bytes) GD3158Bss.jpg (66198 bytes)
Second: First Grade Third: 158 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps B team



Monday 22nd May


Robin Merrifield


Mercy Flights

Members of Long Eaton Rotary Club welcomed speaker Robin Merrifield who gave a very informative talk on the work of MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship. Formed some 75 years ago as a Christian organisation, MAF provides access to isolated villages throughout the African continent, South America, Nepal and several far Eastern countries.

Using light planes access times to villages may be reduced from several days travel to 20 minutes to supply medical personnel, equipment and supplies.

Every 3 minutes a MAF plane, somewhere in the world, makes a flight. 12 million kilometres a year are flown with 7 million tons of cargo adding up to 60,000 flights each year.

Currently there are 135 planes in operation, mainly small light planes able to land on bush airstrips, many of which have been cut out by hand as there is usually no access for earth moving equipment.

The aircraft are paid for and maintained with the help of 1500 worldwide partner organisations and a dedicated staff, only a few trips are chargeable.

Rotarian Keith Randall gave the club's vote of thanks.

MAF ss.jpg (38971 bytes)
Pictured: Keith Randall, Robin Merrifield, SVP Nigel Kirk and Mrs Merrifield



Monday 15th May


David Greenwood


Young Enterprise

David Greenwood, our speaker today, was for twenty years a member and past president of Castle Donington Rotary Club. He left banking eleven years ago to further his charitable works with young children. He is now full time with Young Enterprise, a world-wide charity that began in the USA as the Junior Achievement programme, JA for short.

Young Enterprise helps school children of all ages to learn the practical skills that the standard school curriculum does not provide, but are vital to provide the employability skills and core experiences that they will need when they grow up. Its philosophy of "learning by doing" encourages young people to reach their potential. Examples are ‘Community Life’ and ‘Companies in Schools’ programmes

More than 10,000 young people each year benefit from a Young Enterprise experience in the East Midlands area and gain a valuable insight into the world of work.

David was delighted to hear of our current involvement in local schools and hoped that we might take on board one of his programmes. Visit https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/about-us/our-work/young-enterprise-by-region/east-midlands/

Pete Wearn gave David our Vote of Thanks

Young Ent ss.jpg (37832 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Pete Wearn, Dave Greenwood and President John Bowley



Monday 15th May


Bethany Rae-McLean


Smith-Young Scholar - Swimming

We were delighted to welcome today 16 year old Bethany Rae-McLean to receive her Smith-Young scholarship award. Bethany is a future Olympic hopeful and will use the Award towards a new racing swimming costume.

SY Bethany chq ss.jpg (45921 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Barbara James, Bethany Rae-McLean and President John Bowley



Monday 8th May


Rotarian Chris Elkin


Childrens' Air Ambulance

The majority of fellow Rotarians did not know that the there is a specific 'Childrens' Air Ambulance until Chris Elkin came along to enlighten us.   

Our lunchtime guest speaker Chris Elkin gave a very informative talk about how the Children's Air Ambulance fly critically ill children across the UK to the specialist care they need.  He told us that when a child is fighting for its life the speed at which it receive their treatment can very soon become a matter of life and death.

Chris told moving stories about a number of babies and very small children who had receive help from the Children's Air Ambulance and had survived to grow into healthy young children. The Children's Air Ambulance receives no government support and is funded by voluntary contributions. George Mounsey gave Chris the vote of thanks.

If anyone would like further information regarding the Children's Air Ambulance they can email enquiries@childrensairambulnce.org.uk

CAA Elkin.jpg (39721 bytes)
Pictured: President John Bowley,  Rotarian Chris Elkin and Rotarian George Mounsey



Monday 24th April


Rotarian Peter Wearn


Cool Science

Long Eaton Rotary Club were entertained at today's lunch time meeting by our newest rotarian, Peter Wearn, demonstrating the properties of liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of -196C.

Peter has spent many years teaching physics to schools in Long Eaton and has a developed a series of "live road shows" which he presents to schools around the country.

This week it was our turn to be amazed as baloons containing a variety of gases   were frozen and flattened out but quickly restored back to size at room temperature. As to be expected the demonstration ended with a suitably loud bang.

Peter was thanked by Kevin Miller. Vice President Nigel Kirk was handed a flask of liquid nitrogen and didn't blink.

Wearn alt ss.jpg (30974 bytes)
Pictured:Peter Wearn, SVP Nigel Kirk and Kevin Miller



Monday 3rd April


Maggie Throup MP


An MP's Day

The club were pleased to receive our guest speaker for today Maggie Throup MP  for Erewash.

We were entertained by a talk of how Maggie first became interested in politics and what life has been like as a politician for the last 23 months.

Surprisingly it was John Prescott who inspired her to fight for justice. This followed success in preventing a Motorway Service station from being built that the Labour MP had first approved.

We were informed that the first 14 months as an MP had been fairly quiet. During that time she had to learn the rules and understand the jargon. Various committees were joined including Childhood Obesity and  health issues.

The last nine months has been somewhat of a roller coaster following the death of Joe Cox - the changes in leadership, the terrorist attack and the recent letter to activate Article 50 and leave the EU. 

Maggie said she is often asked how she managed to get a seat so near the MP. Apparently the seat was vacated by Liberal MPs who lost their place at the last election.

The club are invited to attend Maggie's office in the Houses of Parliament and see first hand how government works. Maybe even have a slice of cake.

The vote of thanks was given by Rtn Mike Powell. 

Throup ss.jpg (72054 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Mike Powell, Maggie Throup MP and President John



Monday 27th March 2017


Joanne Perkins


Timeswap in Erewash

Today we were treated to a very inspirational talk from Jo Perkins about a project called 'Time Swap'.

The project started in the USA in the 1980's and here in the UK in the 90's. There are now over 350 different Time Swap Banks in the UK, including the one here in Erewash which is part of the Adult Care Team in Derbyshire County Council. Jo told us that she had started working for Erewash Time Swap in October 2016, the group now has 90 members, whose ages range from 18 to 90 and carry out a whole range of different roles.  Jo gave examples of how people can use an hour of their time to help others and then be rewarded with someone else doing something good for them for an hour.

Every hour you do is banked into the system and then you can use your hours for something you need.  It might be dog walking or helping with computer skills, shopping, decorating or helping to clear away garden rubbish. One lady teaches people to knit and crochet and in return had a pile of rubbish removed from her garden. 
If you are interested in finding out more or in joining up, Jo's contact details are: 07974 269193 and email Joanne.Perkins@derbyshire.gov.uk

Rtn Colin Edson gave the vote of thanks

Timeswap ss.jpg (29420 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Colin Edson, Joanne Perkins of Timeswap and President John Bowley



Friday 24th March 2017


Litter Picking


West Park

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton enjoyed picking litter on this lovely morning at West Park, Long Eaton.  This coincided with Red Nose Day. We were joined by members of the Rotary Interact Club, Friends of West Park, Community Support Staff from Tesco, students from Long Eaton School and our family pets (mascots).    It was thankfully very sunny for us whilst very windy.  We made the most of the weather bagging lots of rubbish.

We would like to ask some of the local dog owners to learn how to use the bins provided instead of 'bagging' and throwing into the hedges for people to pick up for them. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support us.  We were later treated to afternoon tea at Long Eaton RFC.  Erewash Borough Council, Long Eaton provided the bags and litter grabbers for us as well as taking all our many filled bag away.  It was a great community effort.

litter2.JPG (114271 bytes)

litter14.JPG (116395 bytes)

litter11.JPG (114275 bytes)



Monday 20th March 2017


Annual General Meeting


Induction of Rotarian Peter Wearn

At our AGM today, Nigel Kirk was confirmed as President for 2017-18, with Cas Francis as SVP and Ian Gooding as JVP. David Kent will become Secretary and Roger Alton will continue as Treasurer.

President John was delighted to induct a new member - Peter Wearn. George Mounsey was his proposer.

Whearn 1.jpg (60690 bytes)

Whearn 2.jpg (62809 bytes)

Whearn 3.jpg (48579 bytes)

The Induction Speech

The Rotary Badge

The Welcome


Thursday 9th March 2017


Our 90th Charter celebration


At Swancar Farm

We were delighted to welcome ten visitors from our Danish twinned club of Aars and also ten visitors from our Japanese twinned club of Settsu.

We also welcomed our MP Maggie Throup and Presidents and members of many local organisations and Rotary clubs.

Our main speaker was Alfie Moore, the Grand Central Chorus also performed for us with their barbershop style singing.

For photos please click here


Wednesday 8th March 2017


Welcome to our Danish friends from Aars


We welcomed our visitors from Denmark to our Club meeting, they had arrived earlier this afternoon. The meeting had been moved from Monday lunchtime. Jens Martin Hansen, District Governor elect, led their delegation.

For photos please click here


Saturday 4th March 2017


Lillie Robinson


Young Chef District Final Competition

YC2017.jpg (28572 bytes)


Fourteen year old Lillie Robinson from Friesland School was the Club’s Candidate for the District Finals competition held in Kirky-in-Ashfield. There were seven finalists. Her choice of menu and table setting were both artistic and mouth-watering, the food was wonderful to taste.

Unfortunately, Lillie was up against some credible "Young future Chefs" and was not chosen to go forward. She is only 14years old and was highly commended. She is willing to try again next year.

Pictured: Lillie behind her display.


Monday 27th February 2017


Colin Fox


Visioning - planning ahead for our Club

 Our Guest Speaker at our lunch meeting today was Colin Fox from Distict 1220

After lunch he gave us a presentation about "Visioning"

District is keen to ensure that all the Clubs are planning up to five years ahead, documenting where the Club will be in all aspect of activities, numbers, longevity, fundraising etc. Members from the District team would come to facilitate our discussions. They do not provide ideas or solutions, these are for us to formulate. Hopefully the end result would be a clear sense of direction for the next few years. President John gave the vote of thanks.

ColinFox.jpg (29492 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Colin Fox and President John Bowley



Monday 20th February 2017


Louise Whittle


Childrens' Cancer Charity PASICS

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton were pleased to have Louise Whittle - PASIC - children’s' cancer charity to present to us today.

Pasics (http://www.pasic.org.uk/) was started in 1977. They provide practical, financial & social support to children & young people with cancer, their family & carers. They rely on donations and grants to aid them which is very carefully managed. This allows them to support the ‘family unit’ in trying to help them cope with what can be a very long treatment process. They do as much as possible to make life as much fun as possible when battling this awful diagnosis/treatment plan.

Rotarian Clive Atkins gave the vote of thanks to Louise. Please go and read about Pasics and what they are doing for children in the Midlands area.

Pasics.jpg (24166 bytes)
Pictured: President John Bowley, Louise Whittle and PP Clive Atrkins



Monday 13th February 2017


Ian Gooding


My Job Talk

A fascinating My Job Talk by recent new member Ian Gooding was the treat for our members today. Ian told us that he comes from an engineering background.

Though a natural academic, he enjoyed his educative years target shooting and playing rugby, excelling in both. After a time at university, ending up with two degrees and a future wife, he joined Turner & Newall, the engineer and asbestos specialist. He became one of their first systems analysts, rising rapidly through their canteen status.Also running a successful youth club at a local church, he was asked to become a lay preacher, but the two year course was too much. Finding that he could do it in three months, he passed with distinction.

Subsequently he applied to a theological college in London, only to find that it was moving to Chilwell, near his parents. He spent his curacy at Wandsworth, weddings and funerals are the main memories that he related.

Ian had us spellbound but ran out of time, so we look forward to a second half with expectation. What an amazing career we have heard so far. PP Bert Wild gave the vote of thanks.

I Gooding MJT.jpg (43735 bytes)
Pictured: Past President Bert Wild, Canon Ian Gooding and President John Bowley



Monday 6th February 2017


Our Burns Night


at The Risley Park

What a fantastic evening that was! Long Eaton Rotary Club could be the last Club to celebrate the event this year. It was worth waiting for.

We had 62 Rotarians and their guests in the function suite at The Risley Park, Risley. The temperature in the room rose as we progressed with our meal, starting with thick vegetable soup, followed by the traditional main course "Burns Supper" of Haggis, tatties and nepes, ending with fresh fruit crumble and custard. I am sure there was some alcohol in the gravy –umm! – Umm!

The entertainment was provided by or regular "Burns Night" hosts, who began by blessing the haggis followed with stories and singing.

Thanks to Jimmy Willen, Bruce Liddle on the bagpipes and Pete Browne who put it all together.

Burns2.jpg (38638 bytes)

Burns 2017.jpg (36831 bytes)

Piper Bruce Liddle and chef James

Jimmy Willan blessing the haggis

Burns3.jpg (68989 bytes)
James, Jimmy Willan, Bruce Liddle and whisky bearer Ian Gooding



Monday 30th January 2017


Caroline Beasley


Starflower Company

We were delighted to welcome Caroline Beasley to our lunchtime meeting at The Risley Park.  Caroline runs the Starflower Co Ltd, which assists business owners and operators to prioritise their health and lifestyle in such a way to advance their businesses, and to prioritise their life and business, to improve both.  She will tailor individual business and personal programmes for each client.
Caroline is a qualified holistic masseuse and a business mentor to both new and existing businesses. She is also qualified to assist in marketing and sales. New member Grant Stirling gave the vote of thanks.

CBeasley.jpg (26867 bytes)
Pictured: President John, Caroline Beasley and Rotarian Grant Stirling



Monday 23rd January 2017


Councillor Abey Stevenson


Mayor of Erewash

Our guest today was the Mayor of Erewash, Abey Stevenson, together with his wife Anne.
Abey entertained us with his talk entitled 'A day in the life of the Mayor', which gave a very interesting insight into his busy life.  The Mayor has his own Charity fund for distribution at his discretion, and he chooses to retain this until nearer the end of his year in office, at which stage he will decide who are the most worthy causes and charities, and then distributes it accordingly, in much the same way as we do, disbursing funds raised during the year to our own chosen causes.
The vote of thanks to the Mayor was given by one of our newer members, Rtn Mike Powell.

Mayor Abey.jpg (48570 bytes)
Pictured: President John, Mayor Abey, Mayoress Anne and Rotarian Mike Powell



Monday 16th January 2017


Induction of New Members


Mike Powell and Grant Stirling

We had a successful Open (Membership) Evening last October and a number of   prospects wanted more information and were looking forward to proceed to joining our Club.

Today, two were inducted as full Members and are now looking forward to getting more involved in Club activities. They are Mike Powell who is a local Politician and Grant Sterling a local Travel Counsellor.

We welcome you both to Long Eaton Rotary Club, please enjoy the journey.

Mike.jpg (44408 bytes)

Grant.jpg (44333 bytes)

Rotarian Mike Powell

Rotarian Grant Stirling

Inductions.jpg (39018 bytes)
Sponsor Graham Pidcock, Grant Stirling, Mike Powell, Presidewnt John Bowley and sponsor Cas Francis



Monday 9th January 2017


Ben Gooding


Shouldering the strain of the NHS

Ben Gooding, son of member Ian Gooding, was our principle guest today. He is a Consultant shoulder and elbow surgeon and Clinical Lead for orthopaedics with Circle Nottingham. One of his main clinics is at the new QMC building, where he is responsible for around 600 staff. He performs over 500 operations a year but has a particular interest in education and improving the artificial bits and pieces that he implants.

He brought along a box of assorted implant kit which he passed around for examination before describing each in detail. His talk, aided by an excellent visual presentation, had members spellbound, many of whom were recipients of various of the devices he showed.

He also touched on the problems facing the NHS today and how it is unlikely to continue in its present form indefinitely.

Ben-Gooding.jpg (18169 bytes) Ben Gooding - surgeon.

President John gave the vote of thanks, with much acclamation from members.



Monday 19th December 2016


Christms Party


with the Grand Central Chorus

Our Christmas party at the Risley Park was a great success. The entertainment was provided by 27 singers from the East Midands Barbershop Harmony Club, aka The Grand Chorus. They have recently won prizes in both the English and Irish barbershop national competitions.  They produced a lovely sound and sung a varied programme including a medley of Christmas carols. Forty seven members and guests were present, thank you to Geoff Birkin for all the arrangements.

EMBSHC.jpg (36811 bytes)
The Grand Central Chorus



Saturday 17th December 2016


ACF Band Concert


at Trent College

Our 5th annual Army Cadet Force Band concert at May Hall, Trent College was probably the most proficient yet. Certainly it was hugely enjoyable for those who attended and a great credit to all the young performers who took part. The evening raised nearly £3,000, split between the ACF Band and our Rotary charity fund. Thanks also to Rotarian Phil Giles who masterminded the event and to all his assistants.

DSC01269xss.jpg (83175 bytes)

DSC01374xss.jpg (67686 bytes)

DSC01404xss.jpg (68555 bytes)

DSC01487xss.jpg (77921 bytes)

For all the photos, please click Here


Monday 12th December 2016


Canon Ian Gooding


Christmas recollections



Sarah Gerrard

St John Ambulance

Today we welcomed Sarah Gerrard of St John Ambulance, Chesterfield (now our closest branch) to our lunchtime meeting at The Risley Park. She had been unable to attend out Disbursements Evening four weeks ago and came to collect our donation to St John. She told us that our money would go towards first aid courses for younger people.

Our speaker was our own member, Canon Ian Gooding, who recounted anecdotes of Christmases past, ending with a moving poem written by a thirteen year old boy dying of a brain tumour.

Senior Vice President Nigel Kirk presided and thanked Ian for his humorous yet moving talk.

Ian Sarah.jpg (36796 bytes)
Pictured: Canon Ian Gooding, Sarah Gerrard and SVP Nigel Kirk



Tuesday 6th December


Young Chef Competition - local round


Wilsthorpe School

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton held their Young Chef Competition at Wilsthorpe School, Long Eaton. Three schools took part in the competition Friesland, Wilsthorpe and The Long Eaton School. There were seven candidates who had to cook a healthy three course meal for two people at a cost of under £15. The event highlighted the candidates organisational and planning skills as the meal had to be completed within two hours. The three judges were Rotary President Dr John Bowley and his wife Alison and Long Eaton W.I. representative Josephine Howat.

This year’s winner was Lillee Robinson aged 13 from Friesland School. Lillee delighted judges with her starter of Ginger soup with noodles followed by a main course of Egg fried rice with shitake mushrooms, fillet steak and stir fry vegetables and to complete the menu there was a dessert of strawberry wonton cups with crème fraiche. Lille will now go forward to the District Final which will be held at Ashfield School in Kirkby in Ashfield on 4th March 2017. Rotary President John Bowley said

"We were delighted to be offered Wilsthorpe School’s excellent catering facilities for this event.  Jon Peill, Head of Technology at the school, has been so very helpful to ensure the competition ran smoothly, ensuring we had the expertise of their Food Technician Kathryn Wiles to support all of the young people.  The cooking has been to a very high standard and it was wonderful to see such talent and sample all of the excellent dishes.   We wish Lillee all the very best for the next stage of this competition".

Young Chef 2016 -2017.jpg (49266 bytes)
The competitors and judges at Wilsthorpe School

Winner 2016-2017 YC Lillee Robinson.jpg (62964 bytes)

YC 2nd Place  Orionn Carmichael 2016-2017.jpg (47546 bytes)

Winner - Lilee Robinson

Second Place - Orionn Carmichael

Runners Up

YC runner up Lillie Bellamy 2016-2017.jpg (60568 bytes)

YC runner up Jasmine Defoe 2016-2017.jpg (48095 bytes)

YC runner up Emily Morris 2016-2017.jpg (76849 bytes)

YC runner up Sammy Platkiw 2016-2017.jpg (43837 bytes)

YC runner up Eve Yellop 2016-2017.jpg (60285 bytes)

Lillie Bellamy

Jasmine Defoe

Emily Morris

Sammy Platkiw

Eve Yellop



Monday 5th December 2016


Bruce & Sue Liddle


Beeston First Responders

At our lunch meeting today we were joined by Bruce and Sue Liddle of the Beeston First Responders. A devoted couple who are regularly on call and attend together as this enables them to feel more comfortable when working with the opposite sex and vice versa.

Bruce and Sue explained to us eloquently that the Community First Responders are primarily called to attend "Category A" emergency calls, these are 999 calls which the East Midlands Ambulance Service deem to be "Serious and/or life threatening" and therefore by their very nature need medical help to arrive as quickly as possible, usually within the first 8 minutes from the 999 call being made.

These types of calls are classed as medical emergencies and happen at home, work or in public places. Please see the useful link below or full information of a "Category A"

They are often the first people on the scene and are able to quickly assess any immediate issues along with gathering history/information for other services attending.

Thanks was given to Bruce and Sue by Rotarian Clive Atkins who gave thanks for their devotion to the medical service over nearly 50 years. It is good to know that you cannot be sued for helping people as was the fear…. thank you for coming to speak to us.

Useful link       http://beestonanddistrictresponders.co.uk/

First.jpg (46949 bytes)
Rotarian Clive Atkins, Bruce and Sue Liddle with their kit and President John Bowley



Monday 28th November 2016


Geoff Birkin



Our very own Geoff Birkin spoke to us today about his fantastic visit to Brazil in September/October 2016 including meeting up with a previous exchange student and his family (Guilherme Rimoli) who hosted them during part of their trip. Geoff shared with us many wonderful photographs of his travelling around Brazil where he experienced many different climates as well as the local wildlife including squirrel monkey, pink dolphins, lizards, birdlife to name only a few.

One of the most wondrous sites was the spectacular waterfalls in Iguaçu National Park. They visited a landmark called the Triple where Paraguay/Argentina/Brazil meet.

Geoff also went along to one of the local Rotary meetings in Brazil where he was made most welcome. He visited one of the local hospitals where the Rotary have been providing support to the cancer wards there.

Rotarian Martin Cain gave thanks to Geoff for his glorious presentation and for the update on Gui, who last visited us in May 2014 with his then fiancée, now wife Cecilia. It is always wonderful to keep in touch and hearing about his warm welcome at a local Rotary meeting in Brazil, big thank you on behalf of the club. Useful links:


Brazil.jpg (67439 bytes)
Rotarian Geoff Birkin, President John and IPP Martin Cain



Sunday 26th November 2016


Planting more purple crocus bulbs for Polio Eradication


The Canal Bank, Long Eaton

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton were delighted to enroll the help of Eco-Interactors from The Long Eaton School to plant 1,500 crocus bulbs as part of the Rotary Eradicate Polio Project. this represented a bulb for every student, member of staff and governor at the school. The Rotary Club of Long Eaton and Eco - Interactors have made presentations to the students in school to inform them about the dreadful polio disease.  Students and staff from the school were then able to buy a crocus bulb for 20p which is the cost of a polio vaccine.  

EcoCrocus.jpg (68080 bytes)



Tuesday 15th November 2016


Planting purple crocus bulbs for Polio Eradication


The Green, Long Eaton


The Rotary Club of Long Eaton and Eco Interactors from The Long Eaton School joined forces with Richard Windsor and groundsmen from Erewash Borough Council to plant 15,000 purple crocus bulbs on The Green in Long Eaton as part of the Rotary Worldwide Polio Eradication project. Money raised from this project will go to buy vaccines for babies and small children. We look forward to a sea of purple crocus in the spring and a reminder of all the little ones we have helped.

Crocus 2016.jpg (94346 bytes)



Monday 14th November 2016


Disbursements Evening


The Risley Park

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton held its first ‘Disbursement Evening’ at the Risley Park, Risley. Recipients came from far and wide to help celebrate the culmination of the Rotary Club's very successful fundraising year. £6,375 was awarded to a total of twenty seven International, National and local charities as well as local good causes. The groups included Aquabox, Shelterbox, Framework, Hope & Homes for Children, Treetops Hospice, Trinity Methodist Church – Defibrillator, Derbyshire Children’s Home 4th Sawley Rainbows, Vibez Dance Group, Rainbows Hospice, Padley Centre, St John Ambulance, 15th Long Eaton Sea Scouts, Long Eaton Sea Cadets, Long Eaton Air Cadets 2195, Long Eaton Silver Prize Band, Notts Air Ambulance, Macmillan Cancer Support, Army Cadets Long Eaton ACF, Long Eaton Judo club, Me & Dee charity, Abbie Breakwell, The Island Project, Fibro Active Long Eaton, Unseen India, Long Eaton Salvation Army Corps and the Polio Federation.

It was a wonderful evening where beneficiaries were given the opportunity to share the hopes and dreams of their projects with others and giving heartfelt thanks for the fellowship and support of Rotary.

Pres Disb E 03.jpg (42587 bytes)

MC Cas 02.jpg (32646 bytes)

Presedent John Bowley

MC JVP Cas Francis

Disb E 05.jpg (132976 bytes)
The buffet presentation evening at The Risley Park

For further pictures of the evening, courtesy of Graham Jacobs, please click Here



Monday 7th November 2016


Ray Pettit


Locos in the North

Today we were entertained by Mr Ray Pettit who gave a talk accompanied by a slide show of Locos in the North.

The period was between 1960 and 1980. For those interested in railways this was a fascinating time where steam engines were playing out their final years before and during the introduction of Diesels.

Slides of engines with their location of where the photographs were taken brought back memories of lines and stations that are no longer there.

Ray is a real enthusiast and answered many questions during and after the presentation. Rtn George Mounsey thanked Ray for sharing his interest with the members who all enjoyed this journey back to the age of steam.

Petit.jpg (22025 bytes)
Pictured: Past President George Mounsey, Senior Vice President Nigel Kirk and Ray Pettit.



Wednesday 19th October 2016


District 10 Pin bowling competition


Round 1 v Newark

Wow - Surprise Surprise. For the first time in living memory we reached the second round of the annual District 10 Pin Bowling Competition.

It was a fun evening v Newark and we ended up just 60 pins ahead. Well done lads - who were Pete Browne, Paul Hopkins, Nigel Kirk and Keith Randall.

10 Pin.jpg (31340 bytes)
The combatants



Monday 17th October 2016


Graham Legg



Graham Legg came to talk to us today about Sudden Arrhythmia Death syndrome (SADS).

Graham sadly lost his 14 year old daughter Jenny, in her sleep, February 1999. That same year their 10 year old daughter experienced a ‘fit’ like issue and was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with an arrhythmic disorder. Dr Andrew Staniforth fitted Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) into her chest at 17 years old.

Graham’s daughter is now a married young lady in good health, is a teacher and is leading a full life. They cannot thank the NHS enough for saving their youngest child.

Graham, his wife Cherry, and family have worked tirelessly over the last 18th years to let people know about SADS and to raise money for the Charity which is on a mission to raise funds for the automated external defibrillator (AED) project.

Rotarian David Kirk, thanked Graham for his excellent talk and praised him and his family on coping with such a tragedy. Keep on doing the good work and thank you.

    Useful links                         https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/treatments/implantable-cardioverter-defibrillator

Graham Legg SADS.jpg (67341 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian David Kirk, Graham Legg and President John Bowley.



Saturday 15th October 2016


German Wine Extravaganza


at Obilensky Suite, Trent College


Long Eaton Rotary Club held a German Wine Extravaganza on Saturday 15th October 2016. This event was staged at Trent College in the Obilensky Suite and was run through the FFN – a charitable organisation based in Lincoln. There were 80 people present, the evening was new to everybody in terms of format other than Peter Stewart the organiser.

The evening commenced at 7.30pm and finished at 11.30pm. It was a splendid evening with excellent wine, entertainment and food; there were 12 German wines to taste and all of these wines were presented by the organisation in a very fun like way with music and there was a lot of audience interaction.

The response from everybody was very positive and it is hoped that the club will organise another event perhaps in 2017. A lot of members I am told had headaches the next morning – it was a sign of a good evening I believe. Many thanks must go to all those who helped and of course all those who attended.

PETER STEWART                                                              25/11/2016



Monday 10th October 2016


Sue Leyden


Ascent of Everest and Himalayan Trust

At tonight's evening meeting we were delighted to be joined by Sue Leyden from the Himalayan Trust (Everest 1953) who was delighted to have come to speak to us about her father’s (John Hunt’s) historical climb of Everest. As part of a British team they were the first ever to climb the mountain - the night before the Queen’s Coronation day. The successful expedition was sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society.

After spending many years never talking about this wonderful achievement Sue decided to go out and make a difference. Sue spoke so eloquently about her father’s and then her own trip many years later along with sharing with us some wonderful pictures. Sue and her family are so proud to be part of the team that climbed Everest.

After the successful climb of Everest the team were always met with great acclaim. Over the many years that followed each key anniversary was celebrated, with the Queen attendance, the most recent being the 60th anniversary which was to be the final one.

The Everest legacy - John Hunt went on to launch the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which he helped design, to help all people see and conquer their own Everest. Ed Hillary went on to being a successful mountaineer and dedicated his life to helping the Sherpa people. The Himalayan Trust was born to focus on education and health in the Everest Region. Sue also reminded us all of the challenges faced by these people following recent earthquakes.

Rotarian Bunny Parker gave thanks to Sue for her wonderful presentation. Bunny spoke of Edmund Hillary who was his idol and his enjoyment on hearing such an historic climb. Thank you Sue.

    Useful links                         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_British_Mount_Everest_expedition

Sue Leyden.jpg (33276 bytes)
Pictured: President John, Sue Leyden and Rotarian Bunny Parker



Monday 26th September 2016


Gill Black


Volunteering Matters - the Independent Visitor Volunteer Program

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton were joined today by Gill Black from Derbyshire City Council Children’s Rights team who came to speak to us about the Independent Visitor Volunteer Program and why it is key to providing good role models for children (aged 7 to 18) who are in care.

This program is provided to children/teenagers who have been assessed as suitable by their assigned social workers and is to be a positive activity where good memories are/can be made.

Derby CC provides full training for each volunteer, a small monthly fee to enable the matched volunteer to meet with their allocated child at least monthly and support if needed.

Feedback has indicated that this is a very rewarding program however it is under supported and there is a waiting list of children who are in need.

Volunteering really does matter. Do you have some spare time and want to give something back to your community that has full training and support? If you are over 18 please use freephone 0800 0286977 or email gill.black@volunteeringmatters.org.uk

Rotarian Peter Browne thanked Gill for coming to speak to us and articulating the Independent Visitor program so clerarly. What a great initiative to be involved with.

Gill Blackss.jpg (41391 bytes)
Pictured Gill Black Derby CC, Club President Dr John Bowley and Rotarian Peter Browne.



Monday 19th September 2016


Dr Peter Down


Vet at Work!

Today we were delighted to be joined by Dr Peter Down, University of Nottingham (UoN) Vet School Sutton Bonnington, to speak to us all about dairy veterinary and farming today.

Peter is married to Shelley, an equestrian vet, they have three small children to keep him busy outside of his work with dairy animals. Over the last 17 years Peter has become a successful vet. He has worked in a generic vets practice then chose dairy farming as his specialism. He achieved a PhD and is now has a highly successful lecturer.

Peter gave us an extensive view of dairy farming in the UK covering last 10 years, today's view and the challenges dairy farmers face. There has been a steep decline over the last 25 years, herds have halved in the last 10 year and will they continue to decline. While both herd sizes and milk yields are larger and demand continues to increas,   the price continues to fall as milk is considered a global commodity. The UK is likely to fall out of the world top 10 of milk producing countries .

Peter was able to give us great insight in how the advancements in technology are aiding in the improvement of dairy farming and herd health. At the UoN’s Veterinary School all the animals wear unique tracking devices, operate robotic milking equipment and utilise data analytics all playing a key role for those farmers able to afford the investment. The data captured has given them huge capability in assessing a vast number of parameters including milk production to  the detection of infection.

Rotarian Ian Gooding gave thanks to Peter for his very exciting talk. Ian has known Peter since he was three years old so it is was a great pleasure to have him with us. We are now more informed of this area and I doubt any of us will be able to look at milk in the same way again. Great presentation thank you Peter.

Vet.jpg (146512 bytes)
Pictured Rotarian Rev Ian Gooding, Dr Peter Down and Club President Dr John Bowley.

Useful links



Monday 12th September 2016


PDG Val Leivers


Unseen India

Our speakers for our evening meeting were Past District Governor Val Leivers and Rotarian husband Terry Leivers.

They gave a wonderful, inspirational presentation entitled ‘Unseen India’.  Val talked of how they had help build houses in underdeveloped villages, and how by buying their materials locally had managed to build them at a cost of only £600 per house. 

She went on to tell us how they had also dug deep bore wells to provide villages with clean water.  They never donated money to projects but actually worked in India and sourced local labour and materials and had local craftsmen make furniture and equipment for their projects.  This also helped the community financially and gave the local people ownership of the projects. 

Val spoke of how she teaches in village schools and how their work had provided desks and benches for children to sit at so they could learn comfortably, as opposed to sitting on the floor! They also provided work books for the children so they could retain their work.  Val and Terry had also worked with other Rotary Clubs to provide solar lamps which enabled children to study longer, the lamps only cost £4 each but would give 8 hours of light each day for the children.  A truly very inspirational couple, an amazing example of Rotary in action.

India.jpg (33985 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Geoff Birkin, PDG Val Leivers, President John Bowley and Rtn Terry Leivers



Monday 5th September 2016


District Governor Colin Gell


DG Visit

Today we were honoured to be joined by our District Governor Colin Gell. It was a very passionate talk reminding us to keep our focus on a number of key areas. He reminded us that this year is the 100th year of the Rotary Foundation. He talked aboutour amazing success working towards eradicating Polio (only 31 cases this year),  maintaining club membership numbers, our media visibility and our District Conference in Scarborough, starting 30th September.

Colin was keen to remind us to be mindful that ‘we can achieve more together than on our own’ and continue to ensure our club exemplifies the values of the four-way test Rotary adopted in the 1940s - Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Values which we all share in our Club.

Club Rotarian Bert Wild was delighted to thank Colin, his 49th District Governor during his membership, for coming along to our meeting today and again drawing our attention to Rotary Foundation which needs support. Our club wished Colin a very successful year and thanked him for making the time to visit us.

Useful links

Gell.jpg (46358 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Bert Wild, District Governor Colin Gell and President John Bowley.



Wednesday 24th August 2016





West Park field

The Rotary Interact Club of Long Eaton held a FREE Family Fun Day on the West Park field on 24th August.

We asked for sunshine and ended up with hottest day of the year! The weather brought out lots of families to enjoy a wonderful FREE day, with many attractions including Stuart Brown who delighted the children by blowing up an inordinate amount of brightly coloured balloons to make an array of characters.

The event was opened by Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mrs Mary Hopkinson and her consort, along with Interact President Zofia Svarna.

Children were delighted to see the arrival of a Fire Engine which they were allowed to go a have a look around and learn more about the fire service. The RSPB had a very interesting stand where people could learn all about local birds. The Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group enchanted youngsters with their colourful backdrop of bat designed stall and artefact. Keeping up the environmental aspect for everyone, Marion Bryce from the Long Eaton Natural History Society brought along a display of plant life to help illustrate the local Flora and Fauna. Erewash Borough Council helped with the flower planting stall where youngsters were able to plant their own flower seeds in plant pots and then take them home to watch them grow. The Neighbourhood Dog Warden stall provided lots of information and advice about how to look after your dogs.

With the hot weather the TESCO stand, with a wonderful array of fresh fruit which had been kindly donated by TESCO to enable people to make their own ‘smoothies’, proved to be a very welcome interval.

The rides on the ‘ferris wheel’ and sessions on the bouncy castle and bouncy slide were all provided free of charge along with the other activities and smoothies.

If you thought your blood pressure was getting a little high, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Long Eaton were on hand to take blood pressure and give advice. If you were thinking about booking your next holiday, Eurocamp had provided just the thing! A FREE one weeks Eurocamp holiday in Europe include ferry – this was a free raffle which was won by a delighted Mrs Sood of Long Eaton.

Near the end of the day we were all delighted to have a very relaxing hand massage from Weleda’s advisor Annett, while Erewash Sound provided a selection of popular music.

Rotary Interactors were kept very busy all day, helping with the smoothies, face painting, managing the bouncy castle and organising the games from PARC (Play and Recycle Centre). Soldiers from 162 Regiment, Army Reserve Centre, Nottingham provided a mini assault course for those with more energy! Trent Lock Golf Centre provided children’s prizes. The donation of portions of delicious hot chips for our volunteer workers, from George’s Tradition Fish and chip takeaway, were really appreciated!

This was a free event, except for the ice creams,  organised by Long Eaton Interact Club and Long Eaton Rotary Club. It was started last year by Past President Katie Breakwell as one of her chosen projects for her year. The event proved so popular that it was decided to make this an annual event. The Rotary Club of Long Eaton provided support both with the organisation and on the day.

FFD 2016 1866ss.jpg (61570 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Cas Francis, President Zofia Svarna, Consort David, Deputy Mayor Councillor Mrs Mary Hopkinson and Rotarian Barbara James with members of EBC.

For loads more pictures please click Here



Monday 22nd August 2016


Elizabeth Zakar-Smith


Samaritans - Derby

At our Club Meeting on Monday lunchtime, we were very pleased to welcome Elizabeth Zakar-Smith, who addressed the members on the subject of 'Samaritans'.
Elizabeth has been working with the Samaritans for many years from their Derby office,   and is well-versed in the experience of being a Samaritan, and all that it entails.
With the advent of social media, messaging and texts, things have moved on a long way from when the principal means for a call for help was the telephone or a visit to their centre.
We were all extremely impressed by the dedication shown by Elizabeth and her co-workers in Derby.
As ever, funds are tight for such voluntary groups, and volunteers for the centre are always welcome.
A vote of thanks for her visit was given to Elizabeth by President John.

Samaritan.jpg (75644 bytes)
Pictured: Elizabeth Zakar-Smith and President John Bowley.



Monday 15th August 2016


Kathryn Box


Treetops Hospice Care

Today our speaker was Kathryn Box, corporate fundraiser for Treetops Hospice Care. Treetops is so close to our meeting venue at The Risley Park that she walked!

We have had a long association with Treetops, going back almost to 1983 when it was founded by Mrs Cally Cheetham. It has changed dramatically from being just a place where people died in some comfort, to a multi-level, multi tasking care centre for Notts and Derbys. Only 30% of their £3.25m annual costs are government funded, leaving a whopping £2,275,000 to be raised each year. More funds would provide more services.

Treetops is set in 12 acres of countryside but also offers huge amounts of hours of 'Hospice at Home' and Day Care at their new centre which caters for 115 patients a week. Volunteers play a large part in the running of the centre and their fundraising activities. Visit http://www.treetopshospice.org.uk

Rotarian PP Clive Atkins gave the vote of thanks after Kathryn had fielded a number of interesting questions. Her ageing audience had listened hard and carefully.

treetops.jpg (65184 bytes)

Pictured: PP Clive Atkins, Kathryn Box and President Dr. John Bowley.



Monday 1st August 2016


Bernadette Halton


Royal National Institute for the Blind

Today's guest was Bernadette Halton from the The Royal National Institute of Blind (RNIB) who came to talk to us all about sight loss. What would you miss if you were affected? Not seeing your family grow, the TV, magazines, scenery, mobile phone, pictures, ability to drive, walking outside, sport, seeing yourself in the mirror for instance, the list was endless. Take a few seconds to reflect what you would miss the most IF you lost your sight.

2.0 million people are registered, dealing with sight lost, it will be 4.0 by million by 2050.

The Royal National Institute of Blind charity does so much to support the victims of sigh loss and their families and friends. If you’re losing your sight or you’re blind or partially sighted, they can offer practical and emotional support to face the future with confidence. Useful link http://www.rnib.org.uk/

Today Bernadette talked about 'Talking Books'…only a very small number of people are using the RNIB talking book service. It has been around for over 80 years. There are 23,000 titles currently available with some very famous voices recording these for the RNIB. This is a free service and people can access 6 books per week in multiple formats, memory etc. This can be another voice in the house to the 27,430 people living with sight loss in Derbyshire alone. To sponsor a children's book is £1,500, a full lenght adult novel £2,500.

Rotarian Cas Francis gave the vote of thanks to Bernadette for coming to speak to us about this excellent service provided by the RNIB. As a glasses wearer himself he values his eyesight and thinking about what he would miss is very scary. 78% of people would prefer to lose a limb rather than their eyesight so it is a very serious thought for us all to consider and to support the RNIB and their members.

RNIBss.jpg (65441 bytes)
Pictured : Rotarian Cas Francis, Bernadette Halton (RNIB) and President John Bowley.



Monday 25th July 2016


PDG Peter Moralee


Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton were delighted to welcome Past District Governor Peter Moralee and his lovely wife Carol, to our lunch meeting today at The Risley Park. He showed us his updated presentation about the Rotary Foundation.

One hundred years ago Arch Klumph (RI President 1916-1917) had a vision for the Rotary Foundation to do only ‘good in the world’. At this centenary year for the Rotary Foundation over $3bn dollars has been spent worldwide supporting community service projects funded by us. His key points were:

  • We are on the verge of eradicating Polio. If we stop driving this forward over 100,000 children will die or be disabled due to this illness alone. We are nearly there.
  • We support global scholarships for peace.
  • We provide a group study exchange facility to build universal understanding.
  • We support health sustaining and hunger reducing initiatives.
  • We provide district and global grants in the developing world thus expanding Rotary's fellowship footprint.
  • We are very proud of our achievements of which there are many. https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/rotary-foundation

Rotarian Bert Wild gave thanks to Peter for his insight into the Rotary Foundation’s activities. During Bert’s time with Rotary he remembers well the original push to eradice polio and is delighted to see this is virtually complete. Having seen today’s presentation the Club should consider reinvesting in Rotary Foundation.

 Moralee.jpg (37110 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian PP Bert Wild, PDG Peter Moralee and Club President John Bowley



Monday 18th July 2016


Professor Edward Lester



We were delighted to welcome Professor Edward (Ed) Lester of Nottingham University, to our lunch meeting today; his presentation was entitled the ‘Mad Professor’.

Ed spoke to us about his extensive experience from Marine Chemist followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering.Over the last 8 years Ed has been working extensively in the field of Nanotechnology. This was an extensive presentation that captivated the audience throughout.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science and engineering.

Ed, in partnership with other EU countries has built a new spin off company, Promethean Particles Ltd.,  who will continue to develop liquid products which can be used for many purposes making products that are thinner, lighter cheaper etc. Think of body armour half its weight, potential drugs development to make them more effective, reformulation of UV to name but a few.

Ed was very clear on one key message, it is essential that we use engineering and science to innovate for the future.

Rotarian Ian Gooding met Ed over 30 years ago and he became a member of the family 5 years later. Ian thanked Ed for coming to join us today and for his riveting presentation and following discussion. Thank you Edward.

Ed Lester.jpg (70377 bytes)
Pictured: Club President John Bowley, Professor Ed Lester and Rotarian Ian Gooding.



Saturday 16th July 2016


Official Commemmoration of new Defibrillator


On Trinity Methodist Church wall, Cross Street

(LHS as you look at the church)

Our Club had assisted in funding this defribillator. Trinity Methodist Church members, the Long Eaton Judo Club and Salvation Army were other main donors.

Today the siting was officially commemmorated with a plaque. John Fletcher, treasurer of Trinity Church gave a history of the story behind it and Reverend Arnold Dixon led the prayers.  Howard Fletcher and Deacon Terry Street were present also representing Trinity Church, Lynn and David Dent on behalf of the Salvation Army and Barbara James and Roger Alton on behalf of the Rotary Club.

Group ss.jpg (48018 bytes)
Pictured: Howard & John Fletcher, Barbara James, Deacon Terry Fletcher, Lynn & David Dent and Rev. Arnold Dixon

John ss.jpg (47850 bytes)

Plaque ss.jpg (43994 bytes)

John and Arnold ss.jpg (47697 bytes)

John Fletcher, treasurer, Trinity Methodist Church


John and Reverend Arnold Dixon



Monday 11th July 2016


Presentation of Smith-Young Award to Zak Charlesworth












Maria Hanson MBE

Maria Hanson Foundation - Me & Dee Charity



A Smith Young Scholarship Award was presented to Zak Charlesworth an 18 year old student who has a passion for performing on stage.  He has just finished performing in  Les Mise’rables .   Zak’s scholarship will help him to produce a show at the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton before he goes to Drama College.  The proceeds from this show will go to the Lymphoma Charity.

Currently working at Tesco's for his day job he has ambitions of attending drama school and of London West End theatre. We wish him well.

Zak.jpg (32752 bytes)
Pictured: JVP Cas Francis, Zak Charlesworth and President John Bowley


Our speaker today was Maria Hanson MBE.  Maria talked about her charity the Maria Hanson Foundation (Me and Dee Charity).  The charity’s aim is to make the most of life and the time they have left for individuals and their families when are faced with their life being made short or uncertain.   The charity has two caravans at Mablethorpe  along with two beach huts which are fitted out with everything a family might need for their holiday.  By offering people this holiday is it hoped to create special moments and memories in the families lives, while spending precious time together.

Rotarian Phil Giles gave the Vote of Thanks. 'A most remarkable woman who though disabled herself, devotes her time in helping others and making their holidays special.'

Maria.jpg (27047 bytes)
Pictured: Wing Commander Phil Giles OBE DL, Maria Hanson MBE and President Dr John Bowley.



Friday 8th July 2016


Interact Charter Evening


At The Novotel

Our Interact Club Charter Evening was held at the Novotel, Long Eaton, when retiring President, Katie Breakwell handed over her chain to Zofia Svarna. It was an amazingly positive and uplifting night. Katie has had a very active year, with her Family Fun Day, Sleepout for the homeless and Focus on a Crocus for Polio Plus. Zofia outlined her equally ambitious plans for the forthcoming year. A cheque was presented to District for the eradication of Polio and the Club wewr awarded the District Interact Cup for the third year running.

Also six of the seven Smith-Young Award scholars were there to make their presentations and collect their award cheques. Vibes dance group youngsters performed before the meal and after music was supplied by the delightful singing duo of Shannice & Justine.

Cas Francis was MC. Mayor Abey Stevenson made an address and drew the raffle.

475ss.jpg (40454 bytes)
Pictured: Mayor Abey Stevenson and Mayoress, President Katie Breakwell, President John Bowley and Alison Bowley

For loads more photos and Smith Young Award presentations, please click here



Monday 4th July 2016


Changeover Meeting


Induction of Officers

Today was the first meeting of the new Rotary year and all the officers for the new year were inducted. We said farewell to President Martin Cain who becomes Immediate Past President (again) and receives the chain that now has almost as many scrolls as the Presidential chain, which is limited to 50.

We welcomed Dr. John Bowley as our new President. He then inducted his team of vice presidents and officers. He presented Barbara James with the District Interact trophy (again). He ended by wishing the club another happy and successful year.

Interact Cup again.jpg (40958 bytes)
Barbara James receiving the District Interact Club Trophy from President John

Handover.jpg (39924 bytes)

IPP again.jpg (36809 bytes)

Ind SVP.jpg (38626 bytes)

Outgoing President Martin inducts John Bowley as President
Immediate Past President Martin Cain receives the IPP chain from retiring IPP George Mounsey.
John Inducts Nigel Kirk as Senior Vice President

Ind JVP.jpg (41962 bytes)

Ind Sec again.jpg (42779 bytes)

Ind Treas again.jpg (42570 bytes)

John inducts Cas Francis as Junior Vice President
Reinduction of Secretary Jonathan
Reinduction of Treasurer Roger