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Thursday 28th June 2018


Youth Services Committee Dinner


The Grill - Bostocks Lane

JVP Ian Gooding, chairman of the Youth Services Committee held our only committee dinner this year at The Grill restaurant, on Bostocks Lane. Twenty two enjoyed a great evening out with much laughter and a Belgium match on silent in the background.

The football result affected not the spirit of the evening and thanks to Canon Ian for arranging it and welcoming all the extra guests. Thanks too to Geoff Birkin for the photos.

YS Dinner 3.jpg (39395 bytes)

YS Dinner 4.jpg (34324 bytes)

x x

YS Dinner 1.jpg (47018 bytes)

YS Dinner 2.jpg (41280 bytes)



Monday 25th June 2018


Mike Powell


HS2 update

Our own member, Mike Powell, gave the talk today. He presented an update on the progress of HS2 in our area, about which he has considerable knowledge. As Lead Member for Regeneration and Planning he represents Erewash Borough Council on a number of HS2 committees.

He said that with both the major national political parties supporting the project, there was no way of stopping it. EBC's task is to try to mitigate the bad impact and enhance the positives to our area. Having had global experience of railway construction he was dismayed that UK costs per km are 30% higher than anywhere else in the world, not helped by the planning time being double anywhere else, 10 years minimum instead of 5, exacerbating planning blight for residents and businesses.

The original plan of a ground level line through Long Eaton would have physically divided it, so a viaduct compromise has been agreed. A tunnel would be prohibitively expensive and meant an underground station at Toton. He also mentioned other considerations - linking the new station with the road, tram and existing rail networks, also the enabling of the Stanton ironworks site regeneration and other areas of the Borough. He also emphasised the importance of job creation both during the construction of the line and afterwards.

A fascinating update on a complex topic. President Nigel thanked Mike who received considerable applause.

HS2 ss.jpg (47997 bytes)
Pictured:President Nigel and Mike Powell



Saturday 16th June 2018


Blood Pressure Testing


Wine Bottle Stall


at Long Eaton Carnival

Barbara James and Mayoress Linda Corbett

Cas Barbara Mayor ss.jpg (110688 bytes)

Mayor Chris Corbett and Cas Francis

This year our space at Long Eaton Carnival was used for a variety of purposes. Our support of Stroke awareness Day continued with the blood pressure testing, ran by Clive Atkins, John Bowley and Russell Thomas.

We also had a money-raising section, proceeds to our Charity account. This was organised by new member Dick Knight, of a wine rack of paper-wrapped wine, some were wine and more were water. For a small fee you could choose a bottle, hoping it was wine not water. Congratulations to Dick for this new idea.

Also the Cardiac Arrest in the Young were raising awareness of this tragic occurrence. There is an ECG day on 4th August at LE RFC pavilion, West Park on 4th August. All 100 slots were taken up in two days. Ian visited our Club on 9th April. See the report Here

Dick bottle stall ss.jpg (63493 bytes)

Mayor Corbett at bottle stall ss.jpg (45147 bytes)

Dick Knight and his bottle game with helpers
Mayor and Mayoress Chris & Linda Corbett

Ian Ward of CRY ss.jpg (42113 bytes)

Subhash Bhambi takes a blood pressure test ss.jpg (45511 bytes)

Ian Ward of CRY
Subhash Bhambi takes a test

Maggie Throup tested ss.jpg (45344 bytes)

Naggie Throup wins bottle ss.jpg (47542 bytes)

Maggie Throup MP takes a test Maggie Throup MP wins a bottle - the bell is rung



Friday 15th June 2018


Interact Charter Dinner


at Cleve Lodge

Our Interact Charter was held this year at Cleve Lodge. President Abbie Breakwell officiated and guests included District Governor Elect, Dr Cheryle Berry and our President Nigel. The evening was organised by Barbara James and Cas Francis was MC. Entertainment was provided by Vibes Danceworks and singer Lily Taylor-Ward.

Barbara Abbie Nigel ss.jpg (36933 bytes)

Abbie Cheryle cheque ss.jpg (27005 bytes)

Barbara, President Abbie and Nigel
Abbie presents DG Elect Cheryle a cheque for End Polio Now

Interactors 2ss.jpg (82525 bytes)

For more details and many more photos see the report on the Interact Page Here



Monday 11th June 2018


Alison Edwards


The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Alison Edwards of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust came to our lunch today to give our members an update on the latest treatments to help deal with this disorder.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder for which there is currently no cure but greater understanding of the problem is leading to more improvements in treatment. There are currently 10,500 people in the UK living with this serious condition which requiries effective and constant treatment.

The Trust is working to help alleviate the condition by raising funds for research into exciting new treatments which are in the pipeline but are yet to be approved and registered.

The Trust badge colour is yellow and Alison is currently planning a number of events based on Yellow Days and suggested that we will see more of these events in the future.

Rotarian Clive Atkins gave the vote of thanks to Alison and wished her well with the fund raising programme. Further details are available on https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk

CFib.jpg (45660 bytes)
Picture shows President Nigel Kirk and Alison



Monday 4th June 2018


Stella Herbert


Rotary in Bermuda

Rotarian Stella Herbert was our guest speaker today and gave the club an illustrated talk on Bermuda which she visits on a regular basis. The island lies in the Atlantic, NOT the Carribean, and is still a British Colony, founded in 1609 by shipwrecked mariners looking for the Americas.

The island produces little food and everything has to be imported which makes consumables expensive however there is some compensation as salaries are generally high and the weather is generally temperate. The hurricane season is June to November and most of the property is built to withstand a hurricane storm and services are protected as far as possible by laying them underground

bermuda.jpg (40448 bytes)

The island is only just over 20 square miles and the population is around 60,000 Bermudians plus many tourists. Interestingly tourists cannot stay on the island without having a return ticket so immigration is carefully guarded. New York is less than 2 hours by plane and Bermuda provides an offshore business centre for many international banks and finance brokers.

Thanks to Stella were given by Cas Francis


Pictured: SVP Cas Francis, Rtn Stella Herbert and President Nigel


Wednesday 23rd May 2018


Our Golf Day




Erewash Valley Golf Club

Our 16th Annual Golf Day was again a great success. A cool morning gave way to a lovely sunny afternoon for the twenty two teams who took part at Erewash Valley Golf Club, on a course in beautiful condition.

The event's main sponsor was Unipart UK, the motor spares wholesaler, whilst each hole and many other activities were sponsored by many generous donors. All profits will go into our Charity Trust Fund, for distribution later in the year. The evening raffle generated over £550 and everyone enjoyed the evening meal, put on at the clubhouse.

The winning team with 95 points was 167 Royal Logistics Corps,Tyre Uk second with 87 points and 103A third with 84 points, Acorn Windows too scored 84 points but lost out on the countback. 

Congratulations to Colin Edson and his team for organising the event and thanks to Erewash Valley GC for their help and support.

Pres drives.jpg (63539 bytes)

Helpers ss.jpg (60093 bytes)

President Nigek Kirk with the opening drive

Some of the helpers and starter Michael

Pres Team ss.jpg (65594 bytes)

DSC03132ss.jpg (79127 bytes)

President's team - Trent Lock Birdies

A lovely afternoon for a round of golf

167 RLCss.jpg (71022 bytes)

Tyre UK ss.jpg (69945 bytes)

Winners - 167 Royal Logistic Corps

Runners-up - Tyre UK


Monday 14th May 2018


Nick Jackson


Tools with a Mission

Nick Jackson, a member of Long Eaton Dawnbreakers RC was our guest speaker today. He told us that his club had only been involved with this charity since February, but in three months had collected ten tons of unwanted tools.

Other Rotary clubs are also involved, mainly in the north of our District. The tools are sent to the nearest refurbishment centre, ours is in Coventry, where they are fettled and sent to order to a variety of countries in Africa. It's not just carpenters tools, but tools particular to a variety of trades, leatherworking, plumbing, cobbling, electrician etc.; also power tools, drills, saws, sewing and knitting machines and computers. These latter are sent to South Africa where the electricity is similar to ours. Only tools in working order are required, though they can sharpen and clean as required.

He hoped that our club would also like to be involved, there are far more tools out there than they can manage. A single advert in Breeze magazine produced an astonishing response. Kevin Miller thanked Nick on behalf of the club for his talk, which seemed to hit the spot with our membership.

tools.jpg (70688 bytes)
Pictured: Kevin Miller and Nick Jackson



Thursday 10th May 2018


Our 91st Charter celebration


At Trent Lock Golf Centre

After our planned Charter dinner on 1st March was snowed off, moving to May gave us a delightfully sunny and bright evening at Trent Lock Golf Centre. Ninety guests enjoyed our 91st celebration. We were delighted to welcome DG Michael Longdon and his wife Margaret, together with 7 other Presidents as guests.

All the speeches were excellent and very short. Lily Taylor-Ward entertained us with some lovely singing and the evening was a great success.

It doesn't show on President Nigel's face on the entrance photo, but he was mindful of providing everyone a good evening - and he did. Thanks too to Secretary David Kent who had treble the work with the postponement. Paul Hopkins was brilliant as toastmaster.

IMG_5005 ss.jpg (69245 bytes)

For more photos please click here




Monday 23rd April 2018


Ken Austin


Barn conversion in Normandy

Ken Austin, a former member of our Club now with Church Wilne, gave us a pictorial update of his barn conversion in the village of Sevrai in the picturesque département of Orne, Normandy. Gary Dundas came too to help with the projection of the presentation.

Having purchased this derelict old cider barn in 1999, it has taken nearly 20 years to transform it into a delightful bungalow whilst still retaining most of the original features. Mainly of oak beam construction with wattle and daub, much of which was missing at the time of purchase, most of the rest was blown away by the freak winter gales of 1999-2000.

With the help of french artisans, old oak beams from other barns being demolished and oak from the local timber yard, he took us through the various stages of this amazing and hugely ambitious project, its transformation and ultimate complete success.

Barn before.jpg (32086 bytes)

Barn after.jpg (36743 bytes)

Before After

He applauded the friendliness and helpfulness of the locals and the beauty and quality of life of the area. He was also grateful that he had paid attention to his school-days french lessons.

The vote of thanks by Geoff Birkin highlighted the great commitment of Ken and Ann over many years and congratulated them on their achievements.

KenAustin ss.jpg (40390 bytes)
Pictured: Geoff Birkin, Gary Dundas, President Nigel and Ken Austin



April 2018


Geoff Birkin


Visits Rotary Club of Grenada

This photo shows the President of the Rotary Club of Grenada,Terrence Smith presenting me with their Banner.
I attended their meeting at a beachside hotel in an air-conditioned room. The meeting opened with the Grenada National Anthem and was a business meeting where they discussed their Fund Raising Events.The meal consisted of 3 courses of local food and drinks.

GeoffGrenada.jpg (72041 bytes)


Monday 16th April 2018


Pete Wearn


Let There be Light

Today's speaker was our own member Pete Wearn, past science teacher at Trent College, who now lectures young children on the interesting aspects of science.

He talked today about light. Light moves by electromagnetic induction. Its particular wave length allows it unhindered through the earth's atmosphere whereas similar waves such as Xrays, infrared and gamma waves are hampered. The colour of light depends upon its source temperature, cooler is red and hotter is blue. He gave various examples of light, a candle flame is as hot as the surface of Venus. Filaments, LED, lasers and a plasma ball were all demonstrated.

Russell Thomas proposed the vote of thanks, saying that it was a very illuminating talk that generated much interest.

light ss.jpg (44355 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel, Pete Wearn and Russell Thomas



Monday 9th April 2018


Ian Ward


Risk in the
Young (CRY)

Rotarian Ian Ward from Dronfield Rotary Club was welcomed at today's meeting to give us a briefing on CRY.

Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people age 35 and younger suddenly die from undiagnosed heart conditions. There are many different causes and CRY is one of the leading organisations providing clinical support service, helping families to find answers and identify others at risk.

CRY believes the frequency of young sudden cardiac arrest can be dramatically reduced by making heart screening available to all young people between 14 and 35 and on 4th August there is an opportunity to have an ECG screening at Long Eaton Rugby Club. There are up to 100 places available and anyone in the age group can apply for a free place at this event. Ian urged Long Eaton Rotary members to spread the news of this offer to youngsters in the area by contacting https://testmyheart.org.uk/

IanWard CRY ss.jpg (32664 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian John Bowley, Ian Ward and President Nigel



Monday 9th April 2018


Tony Morris



Today we were delighted to welcome new member Tony Morris, Rotarian Chris Corbett was his Proposer and the Induction was made by President Nigel Kirk. Tony, whose classification is Business Strategy, said that his father had been a member of Ilkeston Club and that he was delighted to continue in his footsteps.

TonyM Induct ss 2.jpg (28739 bytes)

The Induction

TonyM Induct ss 1.jpg (29624 bytes)

TonyM Induct ss 3.jpg (28261 bytes)

Affixing the Rotary badge Proposer Chris Corbett, Rotarian Tony Morris and President Nigel



Saturday 7th April 2018


Abbie Breakwell


RIBI Young Citizen WheelPower Sports Award


presented at National Conference, Torquay

Abbie Breakwell, this year's President of Long Eaton Interact Club, was the successful nominee of the RIBI Young Citizen Wheelpower Sports Award. She received her Trophy at the RIBI Annual Conference in Torquay.

She had previously been interviewed by Simon McCoy on BBC News last Wednesday. Her interview can be seen here.

images/2017-18/Abbie TV.m4v

AbbieAward.jpg (129937 bytes)
Abbie with her Award

AbbeyRIBI.jpg (68325 bytes) AbbieCeremony.jpg (44801 bytes)
Abbie with DG 1220 Michael Longdon Abbie at the presentation ceremony with the other winners

A further report is on the Interact page Here



Monday 26th March 2018


Mike Maidin





Sheila North


Parkinson's Disease UK

Today we were blessed with two most excellent speakers

We   welcomed Mike Maidin, divisional secretary and case worker for Erewash SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association).
SSAFA is the oldest National tri-service military charity, founded in 1885 primarily to help the families of soldiers and sailors who were serving overseas, the charity expanded in WW1 to include the Airforce and last year provided help and assistance to 67,000 veterans and their families in the UK and overseas.

In recognition of their service to the Nation, SSAFA works to ensure that the needs of veterans and their families are met in an appropiate and timely way. There are 6,000 volunteers throughout the UK, mainly in branches set up in designated areas. Derbyshire has 60 volunteers providing support and advice.
Many of the clients seeking assistance are much younger nowadays. As the Armed Forces shrink, many more have to seek a “civvy” life and may need SSAFA`s help in finding accommodation and work.
Rotarian Phil Giles gave the vote of thanks and reminded members of the importance of supporting the volunteers of SSAFA.


We also welcomed Mrs Sheila North. Sheila gave us an interesting and lively talk on how she deals with Parkinson`s both on a professional and personal level. Originally trained as a physiotherapist, the work became too demanding. She took a masters degree at 45 but as her condition progressed she retired at 49 and became an advocate for Parkinson`s Disease UK .

Parkinson`s is a progressive degeneration of the brain for which at present there is no cure. However in the past few decades studies have given a greater understanding of the disease and the genetic factors. With further investment and research it is considered that improved treatments may be possible in a few years.

Sheila then gave us a brief insight into the physical effect that Parkinson`s has on her and how she copes with daily life. For more information on the charity Parkinson`s Disease UK go to www.parkinsons.org.uk

SSAFA.jpg (36015 bytes)
Pictured: Wing Commander Rotarian Phil Giles, Mike Maidin, Sheila North, President Nigel and Secretary David Kent



Wednesday 16th March 2018


Purple Crocus


The Green, Long Eaton

Barbara James sent these photos of the purple crocus in flower on Long Eaton Green. Planted over the past three years in support of Polio Eradication, they make an impressive display. There is also room for more!

crocus Mar 2018 1.jpg (29501 bytes)

crocus Mar 2018 2.jpg (45234 bytes)


 Monday 12th March 2018


Colin McCardle


Kids in Tanzania

Colin McCardle from Kids Aid Tanzania gave the club an update on the progress of this Etwall based charity group.

Founded in 2005 they provide support to children in and around Mwanza on the shore of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. Over 12,000 children have been helped with the provision of basic school buildings, helping with hygene and improved living conditions for the children and their families.

One of the most effective aids is the mosquito net, over 15000 nets have been distrbuted , each net will provide protection from infection for 3 or 4 children thus preventing the spread of malaria. Unfortunately Tanzania has no money to spare to help orphans and Kids Aid is always raising support in this country to provide basic help for up to 100 orphans each year.

Vice President Cas Francis thanked Colin for the presentaion and wished them well with their fund raising.

Tanzkids.jpg (42501 bytes)
Pictured: Senior Vice-President Cas Francis and Colin McCardle



Saturday 10th March 2018


Emily Morris


Regional Young Chef Final

Eight excited Young Chef  finalists arrived at Leeds City College on the 10th March 2018, to take part in the Rotary Regional Young Chef competition. (Should have been nine, but one competitor was down with flu). The competition was of a high standard, whereby each one had to prepare a three course meal in two hours costing no more than £15.00.

Emily Morris from Wilsthorpe School was sponsored by Long Eaton Rotary Club and her Menu was:

Starter: Bruschetta, Main: Chilli Taco bowl, Dessert: Apple strudel served with creme Anglaise. The three judges, two ex-MasterChef finalists and the Manager for Craft and Innovation from the College had their hands full in choosing a winner. The chosen winner was Lorena Dawes sponsored by Ashby Castle Rotary Club. They were all winners, when you consider that their age range was 13 to 16 years old.

Emily said it was a great experience. Thanks too to our Cas Francis, who escorted her to Leeds

YChefEmily.jpg (30045 bytes)
Emily with her certificate



Monday 5th March 2018


Rotarian Bert Wild


50 years membership presentation

President Nigel presented a fine engraved glass trophy to our member Bert Wild to commemorate 50 years of membership of our club.

Bert 50th.jpg (68350 bytes)


Monday 26th February 2018


Graham Hayes


Lost Houses of Nottingham

Rotarians were entertained today by Rt. Graham Hayes, from the Wollaton Park Rotary Club, with a talk on the "Lost Houses of Nottingham".

With the help of old photographs and maps he traced a brief history of country mansions and their occupiers in the Nottingham area over the last few centuries.

Sadly all have now disappeared, mostly without trace. From Arnold through Bulwell and Aspley to Stapleford and Bramcote the great houses gradually fell out of favour as death duties and maintenance costs became too great and the houses were demolished and the land sold for development.

A fascinating story ably presented by Rt. Graham Hayes, with the Vote of Thanks given by Jonathan Toon, who took the photo and wrote the report.

Hayes.jpg (44067 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel and Rotarian Graham Hayes



Monday 19th February 2018


Peter Lees


RYLA Participant

Members of the club were briefed at today's meeting by Peter Lees, a member of our Interact Club at Long Eaton School. He has just returned from a Rotary Young Leader course at Castleton Rotary Centre.

Along with 21 other youngsters they were divided into teams to carry out various activities designed to create challenges both physical and mental which encourage the participants to learn new skills and help to involve them in making decisions in the wider world. Peter thanked the Club for giving him this opportunity to participate.

The RYLA scheme is a four day course based at the Rotary Centre at Castleton and youngsters between 15 and 17 are sponsored by Rotary Clubs from around District.1220.

RYLA.jpg (38007 bytes)
Photo shows President Nigel, Peter and Rotarian Cas Francis



Monday 12th February 2018


Burns Night Celebration




The Risley Park

Forty Rotarians and guests celebrated their own tribute to Robbie Burns tonight at The Risley Park with a traditional Haggis dinner.

The Haggis was piped around the room by Lieutenant Peter Ward playing the bag pipes and accompanied by the Risley Park chef together with Jan Ward who proceeded to address the Haggis in the traditional Scottish manner before the Haggis was served to the guests

After a "wee dram of the amber nectar" enjoyed by many of the guests, Peter and Jan Ward entertained the guests with a selection of haunting tunes on the pipes, before the close of a most pleasant evening of fun and fellowship.

Burns1.jpg (49760 bytes)
Pictured: Jan Ward, President Nigel Kirk and Lieutenant Peter Ward.

Burns2.jpg (41629 bytes) Burns3.jpg (45460 bytes)



Monday 5th February 2018


Grant Stirling


My Job Talk



Rotarian Bert Wild

50 years of Rotary service

Long Eaton Rotarian Bert Wild celebrates 50 years with the club this week. Bert has remained committed to the club and the Rotary ethos throughout the last 5 decades. He has served as President and many other posts over the years and in 2015 was awarded the highest accolade, a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Following a delightful talk from one of our new members, travel counsellor Grant Stirling, President Nigel Kirk thanked Bert for his fund of knowledge on club matters and the help he has given the club. Members applauded Bert for his wonderful service over the years.

Grant mjt.jpg (62124 bytes)
Picture shows Grant Stirling, Rt. Bert Wild and President Nigel Kirk



Monday 29th January 2018


Cassandra Hughes


The Sick Children Trust

We welcomed today our Monday lunch speaker, Cassandra Hughes who talked about the Sick Children Trust, a registered charity providing "home from home" accommodation for families with children receiving intensive treatment at Sheffield Children`s Hospital. There are a further 8 homes in England located near to leading paediatric hospitals providing similar care and support to around 4000 families per annum.

The two houses in Sheffield support around 725 families every year and allows the family to be near the sick child 24/7 , the Trust believes that keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of serious ill children.

There is no Government funding available for this scheme and the Trust relies solely on voluntary donations from individuals and organisations as it costs £30 per night to support a family for one night.

Rotarian Jonathan Toon thanked Cassandra for an excellent presentation and hoped that the Trust would continue to grow and build further units throughout the country.

SickChildren.jpg (34675 bytes)
Photo shows President Nigel Kirk, Cassandra Hughes, Rt. Jonathan Toon



Monday 18th December 2017


Induction of Honorary Member Lynn Reeve


Guest Stephanie Walker of Long Eaton Chronicle

We were delighted to welcome today to our Christmas themed lunch, Stephanie Walker of the Long Eaton Chronicle.

We also were delighted to welcome Lynn Reeve, of The Long Eaton School, as an Honorary Member. Lynn is involved with the Eco-Interact club based at the school. There was time for a few funny stories from the members before we closed for the winter break.

LynnR.jpg (35880 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn. Barbara James (with Christingle), Hon member Lynn Reeve, Stephanie Walker and President Nigel




Saturday 16th December 2017


Army Cadet Force Band Christmas Concert


At May Hall, Trent College

May Hall Long Eaton was the venue for The Rotary Club`s Annual Christmas Concert on Saturday 16th December.

Performed by the Derbyshire Army Cadet Force`s Band under the leadership of Lieutenant Peter Ward the young cadets played an exciting and entertaining programme of carols to a packed audience. Highlights were a performance by the cadet core of drums, and solos from 12 year Cory Kohut on the cornet, lance corporal Kiera Robert on the euphonium and Letitia Beck on flute.

The audience also had a role to play with a rousing chorus of the 12 Days of Christmas energetically directed by Major Tex Calton, National Director of Cadet Music. The evening was enjoyed by all.

This was the 6th year of Band concerts organised by Wing Commander Phil Giles and the Rotary Club of Long Eaton which has to date raised around £20,000 in total, all of which has gone to local Rotary and Band charities.

Balcony view ss.jpg (45343 bytes)
The Derbyshire Army Cadet Force Band - conductor Lt. Peter Ward


Pres Nigel Intro ss.jpg (39213 bytes)

Stories ss1.jpg (44553 bytes)

President Nigel Kirk welcomes


Compere Major Tex Calton - with stories


Finale ss.jpg (59485 bytes)

Final address ss.jpg (48560 bytes)

The Finale


Final address by Colonel Chris Doyle, Commandant Derbyshire Army Cadet Force


For more photographs please click HERE


Wednesday 13th December 2017


Young Chef Competition


At Wilsthorpe School

Four young budding chefs, Mila Shough from The Long Eaton School, Jasmine Defoe from Friesland School, Emily Morris and Eleanor Wild both from Wilsthorpe School, whose ages ranged from 13 to 16 entered Rotary's Young Chef Competition which was held at Wilsthorpe School and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Long Eaton, on 13th December 2017.

Each contestant had to design a healthy 3 course menu for two people within a budget of £15. This menu then had to be produced and served within a two hour limit.

Marks were awarded according to each course for its presentation, required cooking skills and obviously taste. The contestants were also marked for their planning, timings and tidiness of their workstations plus the table setting.

It was a great honour to witness the young chefs working hard to produce a 3 course menu against the clock and being watched by the judges. This was the second time I had been asked to be one of the judges for the competition. It was really difficult to separate the contestants but eventually a winner and runner-up were chosen.

Many congratulations go to Mila who won and Emily who was runner-up. In the judges eyes though each chef was a winner as they had made the decision to enter the competition.  

Well done to all of you! You should be immensely proud of yourselves and your judges have no doubt you already have skills which will carry you through life.

Our special thanks go to Jon Peill of Wilsthorpe School for all his help and support in hosting this wonderful event.

Mila will now go onto the District Final which will take place on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at Samworth Church Academy Mansfield, Nottingham.   Alison Bowley

Contestants and judges.jpg (40905 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Barbara James, Alison Bowley, Mila Shough, Eleanor Wild, Jasmine Defoe, Emily Morris and President Nigel Kirk

Mila Shough.jpg (61113 bytes) Jasmine Defoe.jpg (62472 bytes) Emily Morris.jpg (71235 bytes) Eleanor Wild.jpg (63365 bytes)
Mila Shough Jasmine Defoe Emily Morris Eleanor Wild

Winner Mila.jpg (65214 bytes)

Runner up Emily.jpg (74637 bytes)

Winner Mila
Runner up Emily



Monday 11th December 2017


Club Christmas Party


At the Risley Park


with Dan Patchett


Fifty two members and guests enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at the Risley Park. The after dinner entertainment was provided by Dan Patchett, a Swing and Rat Pack singer. Thanks to Geoff Birkin and Paul Hopkins who made the arrangements. Xmas 2.jpg (46366 bytes)


Xmas 1.jpg (47634 bytes) Xmas 3.jpg (22168 bytes)



Monday 4th December 2017


Nick Robinson


M1 Smart Motorway upgrade

Nick Robinson from Highways England was our speaker today with the latest progress on construction work on the M1 between Junctions 23 and 25.

Highways England are responsible for maintaining and improving 4300 miles of motorway and major A roads in England. These roads carry 1/3 of all road traffic by mileage and 2/3 of all heavy goods traffic. The Government has pledged to improve the road network giving faster and safer access to business.

The present M1 improvements will give access directly to the Midland Gateway , a huge development now under construction at J 24 which is anticipated to provide employment for over 12,000 .

The "Smart Motorway" will provide 4 lane running with emergency refuges at suitable points. Costing around £120 million, the work is running on schedule for completion towards the end of next year.

Rotarian Peter Wearn thanked Nick for the update.

M1.jpg (35000 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel, Nick Robinson and Rtns. Pete Wearn, Pete Browne and Russell Thomas examining ariel photographs of the whole project.



Friday 1st December 2017


Planting Crocus Bulbs


Sawley Junior School

The Rotary Club of Long Eaton helps students at Sawley Junior School spread the word on the End Polio Now Project. Rotarian Barbara James made a Rotary presentation 'End Polio Now' to year 5 students at the school. The school had raised the amazing amount of £108 which will be tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After the presentation everyone went outside to plant 320 crocus bulbs - which represented all the students and members of staff at the school. The caretakers had prepared the ground ready for the planting - which was also really appreciated.

Sawley Crocus.jpg (39536 bytes)
Pictured: Clare Whitmore and year 5 students, with Rotarian Barbara James



Monday 27th November 2017


Mike Spencer


Attenborough Nature Reserve

35 Members and guests attended lunch today at The Risley Park to hear Mike Spencer give an update on Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Established in 1996 the site was formed from gravel extraction which left ponds and islands that are home to many species of wild life. Extraction is now complete leaving a site approximately 220Ha. which is listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest all of which is managed by volunteers and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust .

Education is an important part of the reserve and this is centered on the Nature Centre at Barton Lane which has seen visits from some 2.5m visitors in the last 10 years, and providing field experience to some 30,000 children.

Always looking to the future, wildlife has been encouraged with some success. Otters have been seen and the habitat improved for birds and bats. However not all visitors are welcome, wild mink are active and need to be culled in order to protect the duck population.

Mike as a trustee of Nottinghamshire Wildlife concluded with an outline of the sites future now that extraction had finished. The Cemex batching plant is to be removed and bridges to be replaced with paths. It remained to be seen how this would affect the reserve in the long term.

Mike was thanked for a great talk by rotarian Chris Corbett.

AttNRes.jpg (31866 bytes)
Photo left to right: Chris Corbett, President Nigel Kirk and Mike Spencer



Monday 20th November 2017


Induction of Dick Knight to our Club



We were delighted to induct and welcome new member Dick Knight to our club today. He was proposed and introduced by Ian Gooding and inducted by President Nigel Kirk. Dick has a passion for barber shop singing and his classification is wine consultant.

Dick Knight.jpg (39142 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarian Ian Gooding, new member Rotarian Dick Knight and President Nigel Kirk



Monday 13th November 2017


Disbursements Evening


at The Risley Park

The Club entertained 24 charities at our Disbursements evening when £7,200 was donated to them.

It was a hugely successful evening, efficiently organised by SVP Cas Francis and his team. Each donee was able to tell the audience how their money would be spent. It was a very rewarding evening that illustrated the good that Rotary does to local and international charities. It was also an opportunity for the representatives of the various charities to network together and exchange ideas.

The welcome was given by District 1220 Governor Elect, Dr Cheryl Berry. President Nigel Kirk officiated and SVP Cas Francis was MC.

A really upfifting evening on many fronts - it made one proud to be a Rotarian.

For many more pictures please click HERE

595ss.jpg (49715 bytes)

dp2ss.jpg (127806 bytes)



Monday 6th November 2017


Rick Cassell



Long Eaton Rotary Club were today pleased to welcome Rick Cassell as our speaker.

Rick is a polio survivor having been affected since the age of 2 with limited movement. Nevertheless he has lived an active life with the maxim, "there is no such word as can`t". In 1981 he tried to enter the first London Marathon but as a wheelchair racer he was rejected, this rejection spurred him on to mount a campaign with other wheelchair to allow disabled racers to compete, and in 1983 his campaign was succesful and as a founder member of the British Wheelchair Road Racing Club he went on to compete in a further 22 London marathons.

Unfortunately breathing difficulties ended his racing on land but his passion to compete has led him to dinghy sailing where he soon proved a natural ability and he now competes nationally and internationally.

Rt. Ian Gooding thanked our "inspirational speaker"

R Cassell.jpg (41239 bytes)
Pictured: SVP Cas Francis, Rick Cassell and Rtn. Ian Gooding



 Monday 30th October 2017


Mike Powell


My Job Talk


Rotarian Mike gave a brief and interesting resume of his career in soil engineering for rail systems around the world plus diversions into college management in Nottingham and Derby.

The vote of thanks was given by Rtn. Chris Corbett.

M Powell.jpg (41012 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Chris Corbett, Rtm Mike Powell and President Nigel Kirk



 Tuesday 24th October 2017


World Polio Day


Crocus planting on The Green

Our club in conjuction with Richard and his team from Erewash Parks dept. has obtained 12,000 more crocus bulbs for planting on The Green traffic island in the centre of Long Eaton. Today being World Polio Day was a suitable day to plant them. Members of our club together with members of Long Eaton Interact Club assisted the professionals in the planting.

Crocus 2017 16ss.jpg (91011 bytes)

For more pictures please click HERE


 Monday 23rd October 2017


Chloe Blaydon


Smith-Young Scholar - swimming

Our speaker today was Smith Young recipient - Chloe Blaydon. Chloe, who is 18, joined us for lunch and told us about the very interesting and exciting year she has just had.

She has taken part in the summer Camp America for 9 weeks where she was not only teaching youngsters to swim but also looking after and being responsible for them 24 hours a day. She told us how she had found this work very challenging but very rewarding. Chloe has recently taken part in the Oceanman swim where she came 5th in the Elite World Championships, she was stung by two jelly fish leaving large red marks on her leg and arm. Chloe's Smith Young Award helped to pay for a new swim wetsuit.

Chloe already has her Level 1 coaching certificate and she is a Level 1 and Level 2 swimming teacher. Chloe is currently undertaking an Apprenticeship with Loughborough De Lisle College. Barbara James gave the Vote of Thanks.

ChloeB.jpg (45264 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Barbara James, Chloe Blaydon, President Nigel and Chloe's mum.



 Monday 16th October 2017


Terry Harrison


Mercy Ships

President Nigel Kirk welcomed guest Terry Harrison at our lunchtime meeting today. 

Terry talked about Mercy Ships, an international Christian charity organisation providing free medical care through a hospital ship staffed with over 400 volunteers which travels to developing nations, mainly on the African Continent.

Founded some 35 years ago, Mercy Ships currently use a converted Scandinavian rail ferry which has 5 operating theatres and wards for after care. In addition they have provided training and mentoring for over 32,000 local professionals. The present vessel, Africa Mercy is coming to the end of its life, a new vessel is planned but the build cost is currently $100 million and in addition running costs for the existing programme amount to over $30 million per annum, all of which has to be raised by donations from organisations like Rotary , commercial firms and private individuals.

Rotarian Kevin Miller thanked Terry for an informative talk and wished him every success with Mercy Ships.
For further information on giving visit mercyships.org.uk

MercyShips.jpg (39055 bytes)
Photo shows from left Rotarian Kevin Miller, Terry Harrison and President Nigel Kirk



 Monday 2nd October 2017


Kevin Miller


Tall Ships Youth Trust

Rotary President Nigel Kirk thanks our own member Rotarian Kevin Miller for an entertaining talk on his work with the Tall Ships Youth Trust. The Trust was founded in 1956 as a registered charity to advance the development of youngsters between the age of 16 and 25 by sailing as part of the crew on a sailing ship.

So far over 100,000 trainees have sailed over 1.8 million miles around the world, gaining valuable life skills. For more information look at tallships.org

Tall Ships.jpg (41775 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel Kirk and Rotarian Kevin Miller


Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October


District Conference at Llandudno

Thirteen members and partners   attended the conference in Llandudno. We were joined by Rtn Andrew Mitchell and his wife.

The weather was kind and everyone who attended the various functions was impressed with work being carried out round the world by Rotary.

Conference dinner.jpg (48772 bytes) Cheers from the top.jpg (49672 bytes)
Conference dining
Cheers from the top
Our President looking sheepish.jpg (36645 bytes) Singing in the Anderson shelter.jpg (28546 bytes)
Our President looking sheepish
Singing in the Anderson shelter
Fun and laughter.jpg (72678 bytes) Tram to the Orme.jpg (67326 bytes)
Fun and laughter
Tram to the Orme

 Monday 25th September 2017


Induction of Chris Corbett to our Club

Today we were delighted to induct Chris Corbett as a member of our club. Chris was until recently the leader of the Erewash Borough Council, he is now Deputy Mayor. President Nigel Kirk ran the ceremony and Mike Powell was his Proposer. Chris said how delighted he was to become a member, his father for many years had been a member of the Rotary Club of Stapleford and Sandiacre.

CC Induct.jpg (28136 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel, new Rotarian Chris Corbett and his proposer Rotarian Mike Powell.



 Monday 18th September 2017


District Governor Michael Longdon


Official Visit

We were delighted to welcome DG Michael Longdon of the West Ashfield club to our lunch today for his official visit, his 40th as such. He gave an eloquent and uplifting address, highlighting the need for Rotary to be fun and the need to attract members. Cas Francis, our Senior Vice President gave the Vote of Thanks.

 DG Mike.jpg (40426 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel Kirk, DG Mike Longdon and SVP Cas Francis.



 Monday 11th September 2017


Millie Adamczyk - Smith Young Scholar


Mark Atherton


Derbyshire Trusted Traders

The club was pleased to welcome two guests at lunch today.
The first guest Millie Adamczyk was a Smith-Young recipient who had received a donation towards a graphic tablet to aid her art studies. The tablet gives her access to many like minded students throughout the world who exchange ideas with her. Millie thanked the club for their help towards the cost of equipment.

The second guest was Mark Atherton from Derbyshire "Trusted Traders" organisation. With over 1,200 approved traders registered, Derbyshire residents are sure to find a tradesman to meet their requirements. Full details of members are available at local libraries, by calling Derbyshire CC on 08456 058 058 or online at www.derbyshire.gov.uk

Mark then told us more about his “day job” with Derbyshire`s Trading Standards team. Sampling and weighing goods from bakeries to breweries makes sure that the consumer receives full value. Jjust a small discrepancy, when applied to many thousand portions, may amount to a considerable increase in profit. Trading Standards also provide advice on the many scams that are current today and ended his talk with the phrase “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is”!  Rotarian Cas Francis thanked the guests for coming to talk to us.

TTrads.jpg (30481 bytes)
Pictured: President Nigel Kirk, Mark Atherton, Millie Adamczyk and SVP Cas Francis



Monday 4th September 2017


Jack Knight


Autism East Midlands

Our guest at lunch today was Jack Knight from Autism East Midlands. The group was set up as a charity in 1968 to help parents with children affected by autism. It has grown to be the biggest organisation of its kind in the East Midlands. It provides family support hubs at various centres in the area, gives a calm stable enviroment and delivers autism awareness training to parents and sufferers.

Jack gave us facts and figures, showing that around 1 in 70 people suffer from autism to some degree and the group are working hard to raise awareness of the condition. However the shortage of qualified professionals means that parents may have to wait up to 18 months to receive an assessment for their child.

Currently Autism East Midlands are providing education and support for 60 pupils at their Nottingham school.

Rotarian Peter Wearn gave the clubs vote of thanks.

autism.jpg (37955 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn Pete Wearn, Jack Knight and President Nigel Kirk



 Saturday 19th August 2017


Garden Party


Trent College

The Oblensky suite at Trent College was the perfect setting for the Long Eaton Rotary Club Garden Party held to celebrate the Queen`s Sapphire Jubilee.

We were pleased to welcome Erewash Mayor Mary Hopkinson who opened the afternoon and also judged the tables decorated by the guests.

Billed as " an afternoon of refined entertainment", over 200 guests from the Erewash community enjoyed sandwiches cake and scones followed by music and song from the band of Derbyshire Army Cadet Force, Lily Taylor-Ward, Paul Hopkins and the Gem Connection Choir.

A relaxing afternoon enjoyed by all and concluding with a rousing sing-song led by Lily Taylor-Ward.

GP 9 ss.jpg (38430 bytes)
Lily Taylor-Ward entertains

For furher photos, courtesy of Steve Ingers Photographer, please click HERE


Wednesday 16th August 2017


Free Family Fun Day 


West Park field

Our Club assisted our Interactors in holding the third Free Family Fun Day. It was a warm and mainly sunny event, opened by Mayor Mary Hopkinson and her Consort Peter. Many hundreds enjoyed the plentiful and varied activities provided.

For further photos, courtesy of Steve Ingers Photographer, please click HERE

FFF Opening.jpg (73436 bytes)

FFFD L ss1.jpg (72691 bytes)

Mayor Mary Hopkinson declares the Day open!
Rotarians Ian Gooding, Barbara James and Cas Francis with Mayor Mary Hopkinson and her Consort Peter 

Every family attending the event was offered a free raffle ticket for the prize draw. We were delighted to receive a free seven night Eurocamp holiday - from Eurocamp. Novotel Hotel also gave a free overnight stay, three course meal and a bottle of wine.

The winner of the Eurocamp holiday was Mrs Janet Tomlinson of Long Eaton, she was delighted with her prize. The winner of the Novotel package was Mrs Nichola Showande of Long Eaton. Mrs Showande and her husband have 4 small children.  Novotel Hotel Manager Glynn Jones said he would also extend the overnight stay to their 4 children!  A delighted Nichola said " I have never won anything before in my life!"    Our most grateful thanks to both Eurocamp and the Novotel Hotel for their generous prizes.

FFF Eu Camp.jpg (66780 bytes)

FFF Novotel.jpg (64853 bytes)

Eurocamp holiday winners
Novotel holiday winners
 Monday 14th August 2017


Matilda Finn-Cook and Zak Charlesworth


Smith-Young Scholars

We were delighted to have join us for lunch two Smith Young recipients Matilda Finn-Cook and Zak Charlesworth.   We sponsored Matilda towards her course with the National Youth Music Theatre taking part in a production in London called the Dark Tower which was opera combined with contemporary dance. 'Tilly' told us that her participation on the course has been noticed by universities at her auditions to do a BA (Hons) in musical Theatre. she is now awaiting to hear exam results if she has a place at University.. While she is waiting Tilly has been volunteering with The Young Performers and also volunteering at the music classes at Outlook Day Centre.

Our second Smith Young recipient is Zak Charlesworth, we sponsored Zak to produce a play at the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton, before carrying on with his studies.  The play was in aid of the Lymphoma Association and it raised over £1,000.  Zak is currently working within the community in three ways; he is a Community First Responder, a Special Constable and also working with The Young Performers. 

Our final visitor was Hazel Tilford - a lady coming along today to find out more about Rotary.  Hazel already knew a number of our members as she has taught swimming for many years, both at the Grange Park swimming pool and also at West Park Leisure Centre.   

SY ss.jpg (63057 bytes)
Pictured: Hazel Tilford, Barbara James, SVP Cas Francis. Zak Charlesworth and Tilly Finn-Cook



Monday 7th August 2017


Esther Halford


Smith-Young Scholar - swimmer

Members of Long Eaton Rotary Club welcomed Esther Halford to the lunch meeting. Esther was the recipient of a "Smith-Young" award from the Club which went towards the purchase of a racing swim suit.

Swim suits for serious swimmers start at three to four hundred pounds and have a surprisingly short life, international swimmers often have a new suit for each race

Esther is a promising young swimmer training with the Derbyshire Squad and has already competed in several national and international events. Her training sessions start early mornings which means a 4.30am start for 6 mornings a week, this regime coupled with recent GCE examinations has been exhausting but she tells us that she is looking forward to her next competition.

Rotarian Barbara James thanked Esther for coming to talk to us and the Club wished her well in the future.

Esther.jpg (41138 bytes)
Photograph shows President Nigel Kirk, Esther and Rt. Barbara James



Monday 31st July 2017


Richard Benfield



Rotarian Ben Benfield, President of Derby Rotary Club, came to give us an update on the ShelterBox Organisation. Originally founded in Cornwall with funding from RIBI the organisation has grown and is now firmly established as an International aid organisation.

85 million people around the World have been made homeless either by natural disaster or conflict and ShelterBox provides basic shelter, and sufficient material to help rebuild life. A box costs £590 and will provide water filters for clean water, cooking set, solar light pack and many other essentials.

ShelterBox are active in South America, Africa and the Middle East, although they have to keep a low profile in Syria to avoid repercussions from the various factions active in the area.

Rt. Clive Atkins thanked Ben for coming to talk to us.

Shelterbox ss.jpg (46174 bytes)
Photo shows VP Cas Francis, Rt. Ben Benfield, Rt. Clive Atkins



Monday 24th July 2017


Club Summer Picnic


Long Eaton Community Garden


Members of the Club visited the Long Eaton Community Gardens at Norfolk Road Long Eaton to view progress on the plot , fortunately the weather held out and members were able to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Work on the site commenced two years ago, mainly carried out by hand, which has proved to be hard work as the site was previously used for parking and a general rubbish dump.

Rachel and Lesley from the community garden outlined the work that had been carried out and the type of groups that are using the gardens.

Wheelchair paths have been carved out and with the help of funding from Tesco a new compost toilet has been built.

Various local groups are able to visit and there are lively sessions for children to join in and get muddy with Forest School on Thursday mornings and Little Diggers on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

For further information visit  longeatoncommunitygarden.org.uk

Comm Gdn 1.jpg (49659 bytes)
enjoying the picnic lunch
Comm Gdn 2.jpg (60365 bytes)
President Nigel and Rotarian Cas Francis thanked Rachel and Lesley for showing the gardens to the Club and wished them well with their plans for the coming year.



Monday 17th July 2017


Alan Fowler


Prostate Cancer

Alan Fowler from Prostate Cancer UK came to talk to the club today and outlined the service provided by the organisation.

Prostate Cancer has increased to become one of the most common cancers in the uk affecting 1 in 8 men over the age of fifty. With the growth of this cancer the treatment and management of the disease has also improved and Alan stressed the importance of early identification and treatment by consulting your GP or a specialist nurse from Prostate Cancer UK. This often means that treatment can be provided to manage the cancer successfully.

Past President John Bowley thanked Alan for a most informative talk.

prostate.jpg (36490 bytes)
Pictured: Alan Fowler, President Nigel Kirk and IPP Dr John Bowley



Monday 10th July 2017


Tim Coltman


My Grandfather in WW 1

Tim Coltman accompanied by his Dad came to tell us about his grandfather William who, without firing a single bullet or killing anyone, became the most decorated NCO in the British army. William was a Christian, who believed in the Bible and whilst unwilling to fight, wanted to serve his country. He became a stretcher bearer, but not wanting to involve others in his endeavours, he went out alone, carrying the injured on his back. He was only 5'4", but strong and stocky. Born in 1891, he signed up in June 1915, just in time for the battle of the Somme, which dragged on for five months. His bravery, determination and courage during the war saved many lives and he was awarded DCM and bar, MM and bar and a Victoria Cross.

Amazingly, he survived the war and returned to his previous job of gardener. He died in 1974 aged 82 and never talked about his wartime experiences at all. It took his family a while to uncover his astonishing army career and his amazing determination to help others.

Bert Wild, whose father was in WW1 gave the Vote of Thanks. A most uplifting talk of great fortitude.

Coltman ss.jpg (127356 bytes)
Pictured: Mr Coltman Snr. Tim Coltman, President Nigel Kirk and PP Rtn Bert Wild.




Monday 10th July 2017


District Interact Club Cup



Once again our Club has won the District Interact Club Trophy. Not that there are many Interact Clubs in District 1220. But this is no mean feat, Barbara James and her team have continued to nurture and support our Interact Club to achieve substantial goals. Their next venture is Bag Packing at Tesco's Long Eaton on 10th August. Following six days days later is their Free Family Fun Day on West Park Field, when up to 1,000 families may enjoy the free fun and entertainment on offer.

President Nigel presents the Cup to Barbara James.

IC Cup ss.jpg (48290 bytes)


Monday 3rd July 2017


Changeover Meeting


Induction of Officers

Today was the first meeting of the new Rotary year and all the officers for the new year were inducted. President John Bowley's final gesture was to make our honorary member David Britton a Paul Harris Fellow, for services rendered over the Twinning visit from Japan during our 90th Charter Anniversary celebrations. We then said farewell to President John who becomes Immediate Past President and received the chain that now has almost as many scrolls as the Presidential chain, which is limited to 50. Again we were presented with The District Interact Trophy.

John welcomed Nigel Kirk as our new President and handed over to him the Presidential Chain. Nigel then inducted his team of vice presidents and officers. He wished the club another happy and successful year.

PHF David.jpg (48813 bytes)
David Britton becomes a Paul Harris Fellow and receives his medallion from President John

New Pres Nigel.jpg (35403 bytes)

IPP.jpg (59513 bytes)

SVP.jpg (41890 bytes)

Outgoing President John inducts Nigel Kirk as President
Immediate Past President John receives the IPP chain from retiring IPP Martin Cain.
Nigel inducts Cas Francis as Senior Vice President

JVP.jpg (37827 bytes)

Secty.jpg (35007 bytes)

Treas.jpg (40945 bytes)

Nigel inducts Ian Gooding as Junior Vice President
Induction of Secretary David Kent
Reinduction of Treasurer Roger Alton

 Line of succession.jpg (48229 bytes)
Line of succession: Martin Cain > John Bowley > NIGEL KIRK > Cas Francis > Ian Gooding