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Friday 21st December


Christmas Charity Collection


Tesco - Long Eaton

We had a second Christmas local charities collection today, this time thanks to Tesco, Long Eaton.

Thank you Tesco for your permissions to do this and for your help on the day. We found your Christmas shoppers very generous and supportive. Together with gift aid claimable we raised over 700. All the money given will go to local charities during next year. A list of all our donations made last year can be seen HERE.

Also thank you to all our club members who gave their time during the day to collect and thank you again Tesco shoppers for being so spontaneously generous.

Tesco ss.jpg (48417 bytes)
Pictured: Rotarians David Kent, Subhash Bhambi and President Cas Francis



Monday 17th December


Christmas Party


at The Risley Park


with the Diamond Cut singers

Our Christmas party was held at our normal lunch-time venue of The Risley Park. An excellent gathering of fifty two members, partners and friends had a fine traditional Christmas dinner and were then entertained by a section of the local Gem Connection barbershop singers, called 'Diamond Cut'.

Eleven ladies wih lovely voices singing in harmony was a real delight and rounded off a great evening of fun, food and chat. Thanks to Geoff Birkin for the organisation and to President Cas who was MC.

Xmas 18 2ss.jpg (63319 bytes) Xmas 18 1ss.jpg (61395 bytes)
Xmas 18 3ss.jpg (41125 bytes) Xmas 18 6ss.jpg (42772 bytes)
Xmas 18 7ss.jpg (41369 bytes) Xmas 18 8ss.jpg (43885 bytes)

Saturday 15th December


ACF Band Christmas Concert


at May Hall, Trent College

Our 7th annual Army Cadet Force Band concert was another success in spite of the awful weather. Young players from Hampshire, Wales and Lincoln joined with the local Derby ACF to provide a rousing evening of Christmas entertainment. Organised almost single-handedly by Phil Giles with the help of many members on the night, this Charity event raised over 3,000 shared between the Band and our Charity Fund.

For more photographs, please click HERE

Concert PWss.jpg (70247 bytes)
There is so much going on in this picture by Peter Wearn, almost a Pieter Bruegel painting.

Concert RAss.jpg (70479 bytes)
The Welcome band of young players before the show started.

93ACF18ss.jpg (24822 bytes)
The Concert



Monday 10th December


Paul Barlow


Derby Mountain Rescue


Paul Barlow, of the Derby Mountain Rescue Unit came to tell us about his organisation today

DMRU ss.jpg (154437 bytes)
Pictured: Paul with President Cas



Friday 7th December


Christmas Charity Collection


ASDA - Long Eaton

Today we were collecting for local charities in ASDA, Long Eaton.

Thank you ASDA for your permissions to do this and for your help on the day. Together with gift aid claimable we raised nearly 500.

Also thank you to all our club members who gave their time during the day to collect and thank you to all the ASDA shoppers who gave so generously.

Asda Colln.jpg (46452 bytes)
Pictured: Secretary David Kent and member Sabhash Bhambi, during a rare quiet time.



Monday 3rd December


Rtn John Cavey


Rotary Foundation

Rtn. John Cavey, chairman of District 1220 Foundation Team, was our guest speaker today to provide a reminder of this important Rotary charity.

The Rotary Foundation is one of the largest charities in the world and is supported by 1.2 million Rotarians, it is Rotary's only charity and supports many projects both in the UK and internationally. One of the most successful and important is the "Purple Crocus" project working to eradicate polio throughout the world. Over 1.7 billion dollars has already been spent on this scheme with great success, reducing worldwide annual polio cases to below 50. Click HERE to see our Interact Club's involvement with this project.

A Peace Scholars study course has been promoted and sponsored by our Foundation with 6 universities throughout the world providing courses, the most successful based at Bradford, UK. So far over 1000 students worldwide have qualified and are working in the world community on many projects

John then reminded the club that that all these efforts need financing and a gift of 40 p.a. from each club member is all that is required to keep "the books balanced".

The vote of thanks together with a brief recent history of Long Eaton`s involvement with Foundation was given by Treasurer Roger Alton.

Cavey ss.jpg (40873 bytes)
Pictured: Rtn John Cavey, President Cas Francis and Rtn. Roger Alton



Monday 12th November


Disbursement Evening


The Risley Park

Tonight local and international charities were present to receive their cheque from the Long Eaton Rotary Club. Thirty one charities were the beneficiaries of funds generated by the Club over the last year, from events such as our golf day at Erewash Golf Club, a Garden Party at Trent College, and our annual Band Concert all of which are supported by the local community.

Recipients included local youth groups, St John Ambulance, Canaan Trust, Framework and international Rotary sponsored charities such as Aquabox and Shelter Box both of which are active in supplying disaster aid throughout the world.

Cheques were presented to each representative present by President Cas Francis. Master of Ceremonies was Rtn.David Kent. The evening was a great success.

Disb18 59.jpg (118596 bytes)

For more photos click HERE



Thursday 8th November


Planting more Crocus bulbs


Long Eaton Green

7,000 crocus bulbs planted on Long Eaton Green in aid of Rotary Eradicate Polio Project

The Mayor of Erewash, Chris Corbett, joined members of the Rotary Club of Long Eaton and Eco Interactors from The Long Eaton School to plant 7,000 purple crocus bulbs in The Green in the centre of Long Eaton. The bulbs will flower in spring, along with the other thirty three thousand purple crocus bulbs that have been planted over the past years. Rotary Interactors have been selling the crocus bulbs in aid of Eradicate Polio. See Interact page for their own report and photos.

Crocus Nov 18 1ss.jpg (87243 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 8ss.jpg (89862 bytes)

Crocus Nov 18 2ss.jpg (76728 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 3ss.jpg (81732 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 4ss.jpg (78480 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 5ss.jpg (71096 bytes)
Crocus Nov 18 6ss.jpg (71574 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 9ss.jpg (88607 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 10ss.jpg (94591 bytes) Crocus Nov 18 11ss.jpg (87579 bytes)

Monday 5th November


Dr Cheryle Berry


Visit by District Governor

Our speaker today was Rotary District Governor Cheryle Berry on her annual visit to the club to promote the Purple Crocus programme to eradicate polio throughout the world. Our Club, with our Interact Club has planted thousands of sponsored bulbs at The Green roundabout in Long Eaton with seven thousand more next week to raise funds for vaccinations and bring awareness to the public. The scheme has been running for several years now with great success and has worldwide raised many millions of funding. We hope for a great purple flowering nextr Spring at The Green.

DG Cheryle also briefed the Club on her new initiative to teach the public emergency life saving skills with the Community Save A Life Scheme created to ensure that everyone can learn these simple skills, free of charge, to save a life. Their objective is to have someone on every street in Britain with these simple skills, a truely inspirational project.

Easy learning is available on line and within 30 minutes basic skills can be learnt.   Just visit https://www.virtual-college.co.uk/prepared

SV President Ian Gooding thanked D G Cheryle and wished her every success with the Prepared To Save A Life scheme

DG Cheryle Visit.jpg (70617 bytes)
Pictured:President Cas Francis, DG Cheryle Berry and SVP Ian Gooding



Monday 29th October


Philip Shore


Investing in Fairtrade farmers

Peter Shore spoke to us today about Fairtrade farmers. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices, Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

Of the 1.65 million Fairtrade farmers worldwide, 20% of their production is sold to the UK, with bananas and coffee their big success stories, but also many other products as well carry the Fairtrade logo. A premium price on Fairtrade goods provides 100 million to help farmers to invest in education, productivity and quality improvements.

Philip’s particular interest is in ‘Shared Interest’ a philanthropic ‘bank’ with around 11,000 investors and capital of 40 million which provides short and medium term loans to the co-operatives of farmers and handcraft producers, funds that they would not otherwise be able to access. Around 60 million is loaned and repaid annually. It also provides practical support to their businesses through training and local support networks.

Rotarian Pete Wearn gave the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Club. A fascinating and uplifting talk. For further information or to request a talk, contact Philip Shore at philipshore@email.com

Fairtrade.jpg (38391 bytes)
Pictured: SVP Ian Gooding, Philip Shore and Pete Wearn



Monday 29th October

Mary Bayntun


Mary Bayntun was also our guest today. She took away with her a quantity of second-hand books which had been brought in by members for her charity Campaign for Tackling Acquired Deafness. Her second-hand book stall raises arounf 40 a week and is always in need of books to sell on.

Monday 15th October


Reg Messenger


WW2 Memories

Today our Club welcomed Reg Messenger. Born in 1919, he was able to recount many tales of his wartime experience in the Second World War.

Reg joined up in 1941 in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps at the Traffic Centre, where he became Warrant Officer in charge of the Centre. He told of the occasion on one hot night the troop decided to sleep outside and he was awoken by an air raid and a close encounter with a bomb which blew him out of his camp bed, but fortunately he escaped injury.

Reg also travelled to Egypt and was posted to Cairo and was present at the Battle of El Alamain. Because of this posting he was obliged to bring forward his wedding day by a week and was married on the Monday, honeymooned on the Tuesday and sailing off to Egypt on the Wednesday.

After his war service he joined local textile manufacturer Bairnswear and he became involved in amateur dramatics for many years, clearly this experience has developed his anecdotes and his love of performance.

Rotarian Clive Atkins thanked Reg for giving the Club members an insight into the past.

RegM.jpg (31637 bytes)
Pictured: President Cas Francis and Reg Messenger



Friday 5th October


District Conference


Celebrating President Cas's Birthday

Six Rotarians and their partners celebrated President Cas's birthday in Scarborough at the District 1220 annual conference.  By all accounts it was a great weekend. Thanks to George for the photo.

Conf18.jpg (28509 bytes)



Sunday 30th September




at the Robin Hood Half Marathon

Five Rotarians and one wife assisted members of Nottingham West Lions Club in marshalling at the Robin Hood Half Marathon. Our stretch was Wollaton Road, from Crown Island to The Wheelhouse, manning junctions and answering questions.

The morning was cold but dry. 8,000 runners passed through at our 5 mile point over a period of 1 hours. I wonder how many made it to the finish. Our DG Cheryle was running but we didn't spot her. An interesting event to be part of.

Marathon ss 1.jpg (48713 bytes)
The team: Roger, Tony, Cas, Buntie, Subhash and Dick.

Marathon ss 6.jpg (49560 bytes)
Wollaton Road, before turning into Wollaton Park.



Monday 17th September




at Long Eaton Community Garden

Twenty Members and three Spouses of Long Rotary visited a local Community project in Long Eaton with whom we are affiliated. Geoff Birkin provided a picnic lunch for us all and refreshments were provided. Since our visit last year major progress has been made; a  Polly tunnel, Covered area with cob oven, raised beds and a pond has been dug, now waiting for the rain to fall.

A wonderful presentation was given by Alan, a Member of the Steering Committee. Coffee and cakes were served. A great lunchtime was enjoyed by all. Thanks.

DSC03431ss.jpg (41075 bytes)

DSC03434ss.jpg (44842 bytes)

For more photos please click Here



Monday 10th September


Simon Davey and Andrew Mitchell


Brunel models for outdoor model railways

Andrew Mitchell (former president of Long Eaton Rotary Club) and Simon Davey from Long Eaton Dawnbreakers R C provided a presentation about their new business venture called Brunel Models at today's lunch meeting.

Andrew began. He talked about his passion for railways and especially garden railways. He explained how he got involved with a local club which led him to build his own garden railway at his home in Long Eaton. During the building process it soon became apparent that some creative input was needed to enhance the layout.

Simon continued. He is an experienced graphic designer, sign maker, artist and offered to help Andrew. They created some interesting focal points in the garden including a large viaduct spanning over 10ft in length and 4ft in height, complete with detailed stonework and illuminated workshops in the arches below. This was the initial spark, which lead them onto the formation of Brunel Models which now supplies over 30 “easy build” kits for enthusiasts of this growing hobby. In addition to this Brunel offer a bespoke design and build service to customers wanting specific buildings and structures to exact scales. All models are manufactured from weather-proof plastics and finished with hard wearing paint so they can be left outside all year round.

The presentation received acclamation from those present, sparking off memories of their youth when watching steam trains passing through the town. For more information or a presentation at your club or organisation please visit www.brunelmodels.co.uk

Brunel ss.jpg (44756 bytes)
Pictured: President Cas, Andrew Mitchell, Simon Davey and PP Geoff Birkin


Tuesday 21st August


Bowls Match


Long Eaton Dawnbreakers

The annual Bowls match with Long Eaton Dawnbreakers was held at the West Park bowling green. Up for grabs was the Langham-Browne Cup, a club sporting trophy that has been competed for many times over the years.

This year in an exciting game, Dawnbreakers took the final end to win 9 - 8 and the Cup too - till next year.....

Thanks and well played to all who took part and those who turned up to watch the event.

Bowls Dawnbreakers.jpg (117292 bytes)
Thanks to Paul Hopkins for the photo



Saturday 18th August


'Battles Over' Garden Party


Obolensky Hall,

Trent College

To celebrate the Centenary of the end of WW1 on November 11th 1918, Long Eaton Rotary Club held a garden party entitled "Battles Over" to mark the historic occasion coming up this year.

Over 230 guests enjoyed a fabulous teaparty on Saturday 18th August, A special guest of the club was 99 year old Reg Messenger, Reg saw action in WW2 and his father fought in WW1 and survived. Reg then gave the audience a few anecdotes of his long life.

The event was held in the Obolensky Suite at Trent College, musical entertainment was provided through the afternoon with songs and nostalgia from Lily Taylor Ward, Grand Central Chorus and some good old "Rock n Roll" from Paul Hopkins who also directed the show.

Garden Party 7.jpg (42354 bytes) Garden Party 6.jpg (41107 bytes) Garden Party 5.jpg (27240 bytes)
Garden Party 4.jpg (49024 bytes) Garden Party 3.jpg (46846 bytes)
Garden Party 2.jpg (42521 bytes) Garden Party 1.jpg (47648 bytes)

For more photos - please click HERE



Wednesday 15th August


Long Eaton Interact Club's Free Family Fun Day


West Park Field, Long Eaton

The Rotary and Interact Free Family Fun Day was a huge success. Held on a dry and breezy day at West Park Field there were many attractions including bouncy castle, climbing wall, Mr Magic, Tesco smoothie bicycles and a Eurocamp free holiday draw.

FFF 5.jpg (134423 bytes)
Interactors and Rotarians with Mayor Chris and Mayoress Linda Corbett amd Maggie Throup MP.

FFF PW.jpg (46891 bytes)
Rtn Pete Wearn and his science table - "Waiting for the Big Bang!"

For full report and more photos, please visit the Interact Club page HERE



Saturday 4th August


Official Opening of the Long Eaton Community Garden

The Grand opening of the Long Eaton Community Gardens took place on Saturday 4th August 2018.

His worship the Mayor & Consort of Erewash Borough Council, Councillor Chris Corbett and Mrs Linda Corbett officiated. Kate Shaw was the original instigator and Alan Goulden gave a speech on the history of the project and its aims and objectives.

Among the invited guest was a large group of people from the local Community, who either are a Volunteer at the Gardens or knew someone who is benefiting from the facility.

The Community Garden is well run by a group of Volunteers and a small Steering group, who gives up some of their time to provide this much needed facility for everyone in the area. It is a place to learn about gardening and HAVE FUN.

Our Club has been connected with the project for some years but we were again pleasantly surprised to see the vast improvements since we were last there in July last year.

LECG 5.jpg (44193 bytes) LECG 1.jpg (67384 bytes)
Alan Goulden - speaking on the past, present and future


Mayor Chris Corbett cuts the ribbon


LECG 4.jpg (71689 bytes) LECG 3.jpg (87720 bytes) LECG 2.jpg (98117 bytes)
Alan's attentive audience


The new cob burning oven


Cakes and drinks were provided


LECG 6.jpg (69931 bytes)
Mayor and Mayoress Chris & Linda Corbett with Club members (photo Steve Walton)



Monday 30th July 2018


Induction of Kewal Singh Athwal to the Club

Long Eaton Rotary Club welcomes new member Kewal Singh Athwal to the Club. Kewal is a well known figure in the town and a Derbyshire County Councillor for Sawley. President Cas Francis and the members welcomed him to the Club.

Kewal.jpg (60556 bytes)
Picture from left:- Rt. Kevin Miller, President Cas Francis, Kewal Singh Athwal and Rt. Bert Wild.



Monday 16th July 2018


Samantha Wallace


Events Manager, Trent College

Today we were delighted to welcome as a special guest, Samantha Wallace, the events manager at Trent College. Samantha and Trent college have been an asset to our club over the years, hosting many events, including our annual ACF Christmas band concert, an event not to be missed and the Summer Rotary garden party which is a fabulous event at Trent Oblensky Suite, for which there are still a few tickets are available. Trent college is a world class venue with exclusive events run by the Rotary Club of Long Eaton.

 Sam ss.jpg (102538 bytes)
Pictured: Kevin Miller, Samanatha Wallace and President Cas Francis



Monday 9th July 2018


Karen Gould


Careers Mistress at Long Eaton School

Karen Gould, Assistant Head at Long Eaton School, was our visitor today. Karen's primary concern is to provide contact between students and potential employers in order to improve their career prospects.

Research shows that students who participate in the scheme have a greater understanding of the life skills required for their future employment in a rapidly changing world.

Karen hopes to recruit club members to provide mock interviews and give business advice to students.

Rotarian Barbara James thanked Karen for her talk and hoped that the Club could provide some valuable advice to help her students to a career.

KGould ss.jpg (95199 bytes)
Pictured: Barbara James, President Cas Francis, Assistant Head Karen Gould, Secretary David Kent



Monday 2nd July 2018


Changeover Meeting




Club Photo

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for the Club Photo and Changeover at The Risley Park. Steve Ingers took the club photo and also those of the changeover.

Nigel thanked his team saying how much he had enjoyed his year. Cas thanked Nigel for an excellent and happy year under his presidency. Cas then inducted his team.

Presidents handover.jpg (69214 bytes)
The Handover

IPP Nigel.jpg (42810 bytes)

SVP Ian.jpg (66180 bytes)

President Cas thanks IPP Nigel Kirk


President Cas inducts Senior Vice President Ian Gooding


JVP David.jpg (42406 bytes)

Secretary David.jpg (45812 bytes)

Treasurer Roger.jpg (61125 bytes)

President Cas inducts Junior Vice President David Kent


President Cas inducts David Kent as Secretary


President Cas inducts Roger Alton as Treasurer